Metaphysical/Multi Dimensional

Astrological Influences 2020 and beyond…..

Starduster Services    Saturn leaves Capricorn for Aquarius ~ and he won’t be back until October 22, 2047!Saturn is sometimes known as Cronus the keeper of time, the Great Ringed One, the drill instructor, and the dispenser of cosmic justice. Without Saturn, umpires, referees and coaches would be out of a job. Saturn’s function is to

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Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020

Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020 Today marks a milestone. The Choice:Panic or Calm. Do we run screaming or take a look at the situation and see what must be done. What we can do- what we cannot do all at once. Yes the body of evidence. ( That was a message in Latin that I

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Multi Dimensional Insights

There is so much information out there. It is important to Discern it – filter it through your heart and let it go if it does not feel right. Question everything and ask lots of questions….. Monoliths being found around the planet. Dolores Cannon: Three Waves of Volunteers Dolores Cannon: This time on Earth:

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