Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020

Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020

Today marks a milestone.

The Choice:Panic or Calm. Do we run screaming or take a look at the situation and see what must be done. What we can do- what we cannot do all at once. Yes the body of evidence. ( That was a message in Latin that I got in the horse pasture Corpus Delicti ) there is no proof – only what the mind perceives- what do you really fear? Will you lay down and die or will you stand strong and know this is what you came here for. You and all your beautiful Brothers and Sisters. 

The Cleaning- the sweeping up of all darkness and damage as you know began in the Fall. It cannot be done all at once or the house of cards would fall too fast. Baby steps- bit by bit…

Many stand at a crossroads- a choice- stay or go? Many are tired- have held strong for a long time- want to go and let the younger ones step up- they still need support and encouragement so many of you will stay and guide them. 

The Seventh Generation is here now- almost adults- ready to move on with their lives- to start new things. They are angry and frustrated with what has been left  for them- to them. They need to let go of the anger and stand in Love- find a way to flip the anger to love- love for our Mother and compassion for the many that did not understand their power, their voice, their strength. 

The Native people have no fear- they have been to the brink of extinction and came back strong- they need to share and teach what they can to those who choose to learn. It’s time to go back to simple ways- to reconnect to the heart- to the land- the family and step off the treadmill. It’s not ok to leave the home and not come back for hours or days. No joy, no Family, no roots. What better time to choose life or death and new beginnings  than when a tiny little virus stands in the way. Do you choose to let this tiny little virus stop your path? Trip you up? Slow you down? Or do you go back to the teachings of the Grandmothers and their Grandmothers before them? 

Stop and visit with the Plant Nations, the trees, the Nature Spirits and reconnect with them and learn from them. Yes one plant Spirit may be all you need and will work but we  need to bring all the medicines back. Stop killing them- spraying them with poison, killing the bees, the bugs – stop destroying the circle of life. These tiny Spirits are so important to our existence. The birds, the fish, all life works together in Harmony. When you disrupt the circle you destroy yourself.

So now people are at a full stop because of a tiny virus. Tiny yes but big voice. It can stop it all. So what are you going to do about it? You put your health and the health of your family at risk because you needed more- worked for the  big house, the car, the toys, the pretty things and for what? You can’t take it with you but you almost lost it all. What is important to you? Look hard at your priorities. Start to learn to keep it simple- because you have to make a choice when it is gone- empty shelves because they took it all- Grandmothers teach to take one or two plants and leave the rest- that is how the Medicine survives- you can’t take it all. 

It’sTime to get out the seeds- get in the dirt- start the gardens- plant a little extra for your friends and family and neighbors and community and come together at Harvest Time to share- take time in the garden to reflect on the day- listen to the plant nations- they are all Spirit- they are part of the circle.

We laugh at this toilet paper shortage. Why so worried?  Why so important ? so afraid that it could be gone? need to look at the bigger picture. Your world stopped- came to a full stop by a tiny virus- all in fear because they gave their power away to someone else. No common sense, no connection, no hearts open- shut so tight by fear. 

We love you. we watch you not with judgement but with compassion. Little ones who lost their way- programmed to turn your backs on nature- to shut yourself away inside in fear and frustration. Go slow, look around, it will be ok. Full stop is needed for perspective. Stop and look, stop and think. Look with open hearts and open minds. What is important? Family, pets, life, love, joy- slow down- take time- stop running away from all of these things that may be unpleasant. No fear, just love. No panic, just breathe.

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