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https://fb.watch/84Hs9Dg_1-/Jackie Bird Walking Bear https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/posts/10155144368771895 You call yourself ” Unknown” Star Knowledge Conference November 2014 Grandmother Tree Twin Flame Twin Ray 12:12 Iktomi Wicahpi Wichohan https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/videos/10157210958071895 Iktomi Wicahpi Wichohan https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/videos/10155555265656895 12:12 https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/videos/10157211190396895 12/21/20 First Leg of the Sacred Spider 13:13 The Way of the Sacred Tree https://www.facebook.com/562631894/videos/10157090786776895/ Children are Sacred Ista Wanji https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/videos/10157044185996895 Tamil https://www.facebook.com/loren.zephier/videos/10157191310966895

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Messenger Saves 2020/21

HEYOKA! (just no BOZOS)Scientists from the Clown Academy have already discovered a new source of healing. It is a psychic energy point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is called the Clown Chakra.The Clown Scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading: Seriousness.Seriousness is the leading

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Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020

Message from The Grandmothers 3-14-2020 Today marks a milestone. The Choice:Panic or Calm. Do we run screaming or take a look at the situation and see what must be done. What we can do- what we cannot do all at once. Yes the body of evidence. ( That was a message in Latin that I

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