Month: October 2017

Face Book Saves- On The Farm

I saved a lot of information about plants, wild edible plants, alternative energy, emergency preparedness etc. I am putting it here so I can learn more for next year Cold Weather Hacks: Solar Generator: Foraging a Wild Lunch: Hydralight Lantern: What to do with grass clippings: Naturally Preserve Your Food: Emergency Water Filter: Clean the

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Facebook Saves 2017- Natural Health and Natural Body Products

This Blog post will cover information from Facebook about Natural Health and Natural Body Products. I want to learn more about the plant nations. I also want to understand how our body works and is affected by the environment. There are many recipes out there to make Natural Body Products. I want to spend time

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Facebook Saves: Mixed Media, Stencils and Product Information

Once again Facebook comes to my rescue. I ” like ” many pages and ” save” what I can to look at later. I am always looking for new ideas, new techniques, information about paints and other products. Facebook does not disappoint. I can now keep these ideas in order on WordPress. I usually have

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