Face Book Saves- On The Farm

I saved a lot of information about plants, wild edible plants, alternative energy, emergency preparedness etc. I am putting it here so I can learn more for next year

Cold Weather Hacks:

Solar Generator:

Foraging a Wild Lunch:

Hydralight Lantern:

What to do with grass clippings:

Naturally Preserve Your Food:

Emergency Water Filter:

Clean the inside of your windshield:

Global Weather Map:

Wind Turbine:

How to clean the hard to clean:

Keep flies away:

Homesteaders Guide to flour:

Tile Makeover:

Angle Cutter:

Passive Solar Heater:

freeze dryer

Removing Hard Water Stains : http://hometips.diyeverywhere.com/2017/05/22/5-effective-ways-to-remove-hard-water-stains-for-good/

Growing Lemon Balm:

Dandelion Syrup:

Herbal Tea Garden:

Spring Edible Plants:


Titer Your Pet:

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