End of Life for Animals…Healing Hearts

I never really know how my day is going to go. I am in Service. I am on call. I have been removing the living room rug for the past few days. It is a nasty job and I work around my schedule and the furniture, pets and a teenagers sleeping schedule….

I got a message on FB yesterday from a client. She wanted me to contact her dog. Her dog was a cancer survivor for many years but was having breathing issues and the scar tissue from the cancer made it hard for her to breathe. My client wanted to know if the dog was ready to go home.

I use a protocol before I connect to anyone. I want to make sure I am getting accurate information and that I have made a strong connection to my Master Guides, Spirit Helpers and the Person/ Animal I am connecting to. Protocol in Place, Connection made.

As soon as the connection was made I started to cry. Tears were falling fast. I was sobbing, holding the snow leopard- my surrogate for distance healing. She was ready to go, knew her body was not strong enough to maintain but was sad to leave. I gave her owner the message, other details and made sure her energy was connected and she was energetically ready for passage when it was time.

Full moon- a door for those who are ready to go Home.We are under the influence of the Full Moon four days before and four days after. Moon of the Buffalo. Today may be the day for her to go home, an anniversary of another fur family’s passing. This morning an old friend passed at 7:30 Central time. I was in bed at the time, reluctant to get out of bed..sensing today would not be a ” normal” day. Spirit says, ” We are not done”. Someone else will pass today…

Sometimes we connect to the heart of another for a different purpose. That angelic, unconditional Love serves to open our hearts and release the tears to help us through what is ahead- known or unknown.  This big dog, huge heart is all about love. She wanted me to tell her owner that she will be back. She will know her by the love connection. She will come back in the body of a puppy. She will have more time in that body….She rallied. That happens a lot…the rally, happy, energized, seemingly not ready to leave…will have to see how things go…have to surrender to the outcome…sigh…

I wanted to write this down. To remember, to share.

We live in the world of Spirit. God/Creator guides us with our Master Guides, Master Teachers, Angels and Spirit Helpers. The seen and unseen. Our animals are our guides and teachers too. They connect to our hearts in ways no human can. They walk with us through life’s ups and downs, highs and lows.

Speaking of Spirit: a big black dog sits to my right. He’s been there since last night. Sits silently by the front door. I noticed him last night and again this morning. I asked if he was one of mine, no, he is here to protect me…..

I posted on FB today:”Ripping out the old carpet in the Living room…taking it out in pieces..working around the furniture, animals and teenager’s sleep patterns…good representation of life…release the past in increments, work in harmony with others and go with the flow….”