Natural Healing for Pets

I have been able to connect with animals since I was a little girl. They come to me and present their injury or pain and my hand turns on to start sending healing energy to them. It can be difficult when you feel the pain and realize that the animal has been in intense pain without the owner knowing. They are just very good at hiding pain from us.

I have been doing research to find effective natural pain relief. Animals are vibrational beings and tend to respond better to natural products. The top pain relievers available from the vet have potential side effects to the liver and must be monitored to make sure they do not cause liver injury.

I am a member of a Face Book Group ” Cannabis for Pets ” and have asked for information on Cannabis dosages and testimonials. Colorado is a Legal state and CBD is becoming a popular treatment option. CBD needs THC to help with cancers and tumors but dosage is still being tested.

I saw this video on Frequency and music to calm and relax pets. I am posting this link and will post more information as I find it.

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