House Blessing Basics

Many people have had the opportunity to have a house clearing or house blessing. I have created a PDF with information about House Blessing/Clearing and will share it here.

House Blessing Basics

 A house blessing always starts with a Distance session. I do the distance session because issues have come up in the past when I was not aware of Spirits in the house or dark energies on the property and walked into them unprepared. A house can always be cleared. I then teach the homeowner how to maintain the energy after its been cleared. 

      In the distance session we use the proper protocol to call in my Guides,Spirit Helpers  and the Spirits of the land at the property. I have created a list of questions to ask over the years to see what is going on at  the property and what needs to be cleared. Most of the time the energies and entities can be cleared in the distance session, sometimes I need to locate a vortex or get more clarity on a situation at the property and complete the clearing in person. 

      I can clear a house or property anywhere in the world- energy follows intention- and much has happened on the land around us. There are many situations when energies, entities, earth bound spirits are in a home, some are brought in and some “ move in “ when a house is vacant. 

      Entities can be ghosts, lower astral energies or sometimes thoughts that are attached to people or things like furniture or household products. People that have died can be attached to a familiar piece of furniture, jewelry, books etc. It is important to smudge anything that comes into your home, especially if it’s from a thrift store or estate sale. It is good to smudge everything you bring into the house. 

      Earth Bound Spirits are Ghosts, Spirits that did not go into the light or to Heaven. There are many reasons why a Spirit did not go into the light and part of my work is to help those earth bound spirits to go home. 

     A vortex is created where there has been Ceremony. It could be a place where there was a Church or Sweat Lodge. The vortex remains open until it is sealed. An open vortex is like an open door to all dimensions and if it is not protected anything can come through. 

House Blessing/Clearing Basics:

You house is clear, entities, earth bound spirits and negativity has been removed, vortexes have been sealed and now it’s time to maintain the energy. 

I have created a protocol for clearing that includes prayer, intention, sage and palo santo. It is best to start with a simple process and get used to the energy. Soon you will be able to tell when the energy has shifted and when you need to clear the house again. 

Put white sage in an ashtray, bowl or shell. Light it at the front door and walk it or fan it with a feather in a clockwise direction. White sage holds a high frequency and clears and repels negativity.  I like to open closets, and smudge everything. You can then smudge all levels of the house and when you are done walk out the front door and set the intention that it has all been released from the house. I then retrace my steps with Palo Santo to bring in love and keep the frequency high. 

You can also use tuning forks and crystal bowls and essential oils.They create a high frequency. 

These prayers below can also be used for clearing. Start with the Prayer of Exorcism or clearing prayer, then Robotic prayer and end with the Archon clearing. 

Prayer of Exorcism :  Divine Mother , Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit,  I deliberately and consciously call forth to the energy of Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy ( a group of angels whose job it is to move lost souls out of the astral plane ) to enter the body, home, automobile and place of work of ( where ever or whom ever it may be )  ________________ and to remove all negative energies, entities, influences, forces, attachments, implants, curses, hexes and spells, in all times frames past, present and future, all levels of the soul simultaneously, parallel universes and dimensions. I ask that these energies, entities, influences, and forces be taken into the Light for transmutation and that there be no negative side effects to anyone’s bodies, physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. I ask that all curses, hexes, spells and implants be removed and be balanced with Love, Light, Intention and Forgiveness. I ask that ____________’s body now be triple sealed in THREE bubbles of protection ( it is helpful to think of the person in three bubbles of light- purple, pink and white ) against any further return or invasion of negative energies, entities, influences, forces, implants, curses, hexes, and spells. ( you can tone at this point ). This is a child of GOD and you have no dominion over_______________ , BE GONE NOW ! You do not have to have the persons permission to do the exorcism, because possession is against spiritual law. So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted. I Thank you Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy, I Thank you and I Thank you, Amen, Amen, Amen, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x.

You may also call forth Archangel Michael  to post his Angels in and around anyone or your home, as well as the Master Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT.

If there is NOT a shift in energy once you do the Prayer of Exorcism, then immediately do the Robotic Clearing. The exorcism will not work on the robotic energies and entities as they do not have souls !

Robotic prayer:   by Hilarion— As a healer and energy worker, we read the energies around us or in the environment.. If you feel an energy that is not comfortable, and you have facilitated an exorcism or some form of a clearing/ consecration and there was not a shift in energy, we suggest the following . This is from the book titled:  Dark Robes, Dark Brothers- by Hilarion. EXCERPTS from Chapter Four:  

The dark brotherhood can create robot-like entities at the aetheric level, programmed to directly interfere with reality. In order to create robots of this kind mentioned, the dark brothers MUST actually donate a part of their own essence. When the job is completed, the essences are re-absorbed back into those who donated them. HOWEVER, if the material going to create the robots should be Destroyed by means known to certain seekers, Before re-absorption can take place, then the re-combining cannot occur and the contributing dark brothers PERMANENTLY lose the respective parts that sustained the destroyed aetheric robots. The technique for destroying such aetheric entities is to Command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to DISAPPEAR and to CEASE TO EXIST. Being far lower on the scale than a man, such entities MUST obey the command. It is important not to direct them  merely to depart, since that does not entail disintegration. I have used this with GREAT success and it has been reported back to me from many others that it was very successful for them as well. 

This is how I state the Robotic Prayer: Say it with a strong conviction.  

Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,  I COMMAND and DEMAND any and all Robotic energies, entities, mechanical devices, attachments and implants ( in this location, or persons body, or where ever )  to CEASE to Exist and DISAPPEAR NOW ! This is a child of GOD and you have no dominion over_______________ , BE GONE NOW ! So be it and so it has been accepted, I thank you Master Jesus, I thank you and I thank you, Amen 3 x and, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x. 

Now, if you STILL feel an energy present, immediately go into this Archon Clearing.  ( first have the person re-claim their Free Will )

 Do this by having your client state the following aloud :  I, ( state your name ) __________ on this date ( state the date ), __________  RE-CLAIM my FREE WILL on Earth ! So Be It and So It Has Been Accepted. No one can break this Law once stated.

Archon Clearing : Say it with a strong conviction.  

Divine Mother, Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit,  I deliberately and consciously call forth to the energy and help from Saturn Command, The Celestials, The Elementals, AA Michael, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Master Jesus to enter ( a location, home or person ) and  We COMMAND and REMOVE ALL Archon energies and entities, both known and unknown. These  Archons can NOT break the Law of Freewill on Earth !  We PERMANENTLY ERADICATE ALL Archon energies and entities from EVER Coming Back !  NOW !!!! You No LONGER have ANY Dominion over This is a child of GOD  ( name or location )_______________ ,  and on Earth . BE GONE NOW !