Earth Star Classes

I am working on the Class list for 2022/2023. We have some new and exciting editions to our regular classes. If you have two or more people interested in a class I am happy to create a group class here or by zoom for your group.

Monthly Classes:

I’m Awake, Now What?

This class meets on a monthly basis ( Third Friday of the Month) Starting March 19th 7-9 pm on Zoom. There are a few tickets available for locals who want to come in person. Please let me know if you want to attend in person. Cost $11 per class.

The Intention of this class is to support and encourage all those stepping on their Spiritual Path. We all go through a time of awakening, questioning, learning and letting go. We will share experiences and tools that we have learned over time to make this experience a little easier. We intend to create a supportive space for all. We will share tools, books, prayers and processes.