Facebook Saves 2017- Natural Health and Natural Body Products

This Blog post will cover information from Facebook about Natural Health and Natural Body Products. I want to learn more about the plant nations. I also want to understand how our body works and is affected by the environment.

There are many recipes out there to make Natural Body Products. I want to spend time this Fall and Winter creating soaps and body products. Here are a few recipes. I will add them as I find them.

Please note this blog does not recommend any particular product, herb or remedy. I am simply putting this information out. Please always consult your physician or vet before using any product.

Remedies for Receding Gums:


Aromatherapy:-a supportive therapy

Cleaning Black Mold:

Himalayan Salt:

Citrus Body Butter:

Cannabis Root:

Acupressure Points:

Improve Blood Sugar:

MSM Drops:

Olive Leaf Extract:

Sativa vs. Indica:

Tumeric Gummies:

Reverse Grey:

Bio sonic tuning fork classes:

Manuka Honey:


Mercury Detox:

Essential Oils For Pain Relief:

Colloidal Silver Gel and Soap:

Colloidal Silver Gels and Cremes:

Pineapple water:

Plaque removing Tea:

Colon Cleanse:

Eating Clean Shopping List:

Fire Cider:

Master Cleansing Tonic:

Alkalize your body:

Natural Remedy Garden:

Lemon and Garlic:

Chinese Herbs:

Detox Bath:

Reverse Cavities:



Armpit Detox:

Detox Smoothies:

Cancer Preventing Spice:


Colloidal Silver and Your Gut:

5 Weeds to Eat:

Herb Salves:

Herbal Tea Garden:

Medicinal Plants of North America:

Shea Butter Eye Cream:

Manuka Honey:

Hormone Balancing Oils:

Detox Colon:

another Detox:

Parasite Cleanse:

Reverse Diabetes:

Remove Tartar:

Heal Limbic System:

Alzheimers help:

Magnesium Lotion:

Foods to help with hearing :

Pomegranate Juice:

Soap Recipes:

Thieves Oil:

Receding Gums:

Glyphosate and Animals:

Pets and Colloidal Silver:

Forgotten Medicinal Cures:

Sugar and Cancer:

Rebuilding the gut after antibiotics:

Colloidal Silver for Water Storage:

Dandelion Oil:

RoseHip Face Serum:

Elder Flower and Rose Hip Salve:

Rose Water:


Clary Sage Oil:

New Science of Water:

Testosterone Boosting Foods:

Belly Map:

Lemon Balm

natural Arthritis Relief:

Root Canals:

Remove Hard Water Stains:

Plants Related to Cannabis:

Latrogenic Disease:

Black Salve:

7 Best Foods for Fighting Arthritis:

Healing the Endocrine System:

Healing Cannabanoids:


Dandelion Syrup:


Tooth Abcess:



Bathroom Cleaning:

Cancer and High Fat Diet:

Homemade Vapor Rub:

How to Alkalize the body:

Aluminum Toxicity:

vital choice: salmon

Household Products:

Insight Timer meditation App:

Essential Oil companies to get samples and test: Floracopia, Mountain Rose, Now, Aura Cacia, Tisseret, Yl, Byeo,

An article about oils:

Essential oils and supplies for Body Care:

Decalcify the Pineal Gland:

Ketogenic Diet:

Metabolic Control of Longevity:

Constipation Candy

Salt Scrub with Oils:

Free Download:Herbal Preparations

Natural Spider Removal:

Plants you can grow in water:

Activated Charcoal:

Oil Pulling:


Elixers: Boost Thyroid, adrenals

Bulk Apothecary:




Black Seed:

Remove Tartar:

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