Facebook Saves: Mixed Media, Stencils and Product Information

Once again Facebook comes to my rescue. I ” like ” many pages and ” save” what I can to look at later. I am always looking for new ideas, new techniques, information about paints and other products. Facebook does not disappoint. I can now keep these ideas in order on WordPress. I usually have the notebook of the day or moment, sticky notes or just notes on mail. We all know what happens with those…lost, stuck to something else or buried. I am taking advantage of my free time to organize my life if possible. This blog post will have links from Facebook about Mixed Media Techniques and product information. I will expand it as needed to add more….


Turning a painting into an Apron:

Magical Box:

Encaustic Art:

Rock Art Archive:

Acrylic Paint: How to choose what’s best for you: 

MacBook Stickers:

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets:

MicMac Hieroglyphs:

mandala dotting tools:

Bob Ross Bio:

Paint Drying Times:Acrylic


Bullet Journals:

WTF is a Bullet Journal:

screen printed journals:

Alcohol Ink:


Client Requests:

What to do with old jeans:


Image Transfers:

Stained Glass Technique:

Wildland Creatures Stencils:

Safe Handling of Acrylics:

Quartz Mala Bracelet:

Painted Lab Coat:

Brayer Care:

Fabric Paint:

Tips for Composite Photography:

Rectangle Coat :www.interweave.com/store/rectangle-coat?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=dynamicads&utm_campaign=channeladvisor&CAWELAID=400009260000655050

Embossed Stencil Cards:

liquitex multi layering techniques:

Rubber Stamps:


Embossing Powder:


Paint Combs:

Deeper Colors in Watercolor:

Swanstorm Pliers:

Mixed Media Landscape:

Textiles and Fiber Art Experiments:

Color Picker in lightroom:

Geometric Hipster Designs in Illustrator:

Sewing with Stencils:

Fast image Transfer:


Art Sherpa:

Lindy’s Gang:

Graph Paper for Beadwork:

Beaded Rosette Video:

Materials for Rosette:

Distress Ink:

wire wrapped loop necklace:

Tracing light tablet:

Tips for the beginner artist:

Acrylic Paint Info:

Bead Pattern Programs:

another program:

list of beading software:

more info on beading patterns:

Inexpensive Brushes:

Photo to traceable: Rapid Resizer:

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