Voices of the Elders

May be an illustration of 1 person and hair

Saadia Farah Ali

September 17, 2020  ยท

On this Earth, we have been the priests of Lemuria, Atlantis, Greece and Egypt.

We have been the Hathors, the Templars and sisters of the Rose.

We have been Mayan and Inca and Native American and Aboriginal elders.

As we have been collapsing timelines…., all we have been and have learned is merging in to our being.

It is when we connect the wisdom of the Elders to the wisdom of the Galactic future timelines, that we will find Heaven on Earth.

We are the bridge.Just by being here now. We are bringing the change that has been prophecized.

We are the prophecy.

Art: Lydia Courteille