Higher Dimensional Healing

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The Lighthouse 

The elders say: “The path of a healer can be a difficult one indeed. Your heart will break, oh how your heart will break.”

Your heart will break so many times that you might lose count. And yet, your heart will remain open, for that is our power….love. I encourage you to lose count.

You will struggle with your humanity and question your divinity, and perhaps even forsake both in a time. You will want to give up and maybe you will also, in a time.

A’ho, though, your humanity AND your divinity will always bring you back. Ahh the cosmic joke dear one. You will sacrifice comfort, companionship and pleasure, for wisdom, sight and knowledge of the mysteries. (The more you sacrifice the more you get..unfortunately)

The healers journey is a passionate one; not the kind shared by lovers in tangled sheets, but the kind of passion that keeps you going when you are tired, hungry and lost….

The universe bestows many gifts to those that listen and believe and dedicate themselves to love…gifts written in the language of the stars and plants, gifts engraved into the marrow, gifts that echo in the space between dreams.

After all of this please remember not to take anything too seriously, for in the end everything including our mistakes and lack of belief is the universe flowing through us and experiencing itself.

So, do not be afraid, do not regret, throw away your guilt and channel your anger into passion….and last but not least DO NOT keep your tears to yourself, for your tears are DIVINITY seeping out of your human frame and washing you clean. We love you 💜