Books To Support Your Spiritual Journey:

A reference blog for humans at all levels of Awakening…we all have to start somewhere so lets start at the beginning……

I have been working on my new jewelry line for Earth Star. It is on The Jewelry is infused with The Universal Law of Free Will, Love and Healing Frequencies. It has been fun being back in the creative mode again. I am learning new art techniques and make art and jewelry between Healing Sessions and House Clearing.

I found a website where you can download free books on PDF. ( I was downloading books that no longer sat on my shelf. While I was searching for books, I decided to create this blog post and add some of the books that were part of my Spiritual Awakening more than 30 years ago. Here Goes…..

The following books were a major part of my understanding the evolution of the Soul. We are Spiritual Beings in Human Form. We are here to REMEMBER who we are and why we are here.

Some PDF files were too big to upload to Word Press so I have posted the link on PDF drive so you can download the book yourself.

Journey of Souls:

Destiny of Souls

Destiny of Souls is the second book by this author. It gives the reader more understanding of the Soul Journey, Soul Groups and Soul Families.

Brian Weiss also wrote books about Past Lives and Reincarnation his books are:

Many Lives, Many Masters:

Only Love is Real:

Here are more books about Reincarnation, Past Lives and Hypnotherapy:

Messages From The Masters

What if Higher Dimensional beings started sharing information through your patients ?

Miracles Happen: