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There are so many amazing awakened Souls sharing wisdom on Social Media. I am sharing their messages here. We are all here together to help awaken the sleeping Souls. We are also awakening to a deeper truth and greater understanding of who we are and why we are here.

Grandma Chandra Triple Numbers:

Grandma Chandra’s Triple Master Numbers

The year 2020 is the beginning of a New Decade that issues in the era of the Triple Master Numbers. These are the numbers of the future of those of us on the Path.

We are very familiar with linear movement because this is how our 3D mind processes information.

Our linear thinking closed the doors for all the other dimensional beings

and energies to come into the picture. The moment we start working with the triple master numbers,this linear orientation immediately dissolves,and we open the space (doors) for other dimensional beings and energies to assist us

.The triple master numbers are associated with the Higher Chakras and the Ascended Masters that work with the Higher Chakras.

You may notice triple master numbers showing up more in your life. This is the Ascended Masters trying to connect with you.

The 111 represents the Feminine Principle. You are stepping into the new waves & new energies of Creation that are Feminine. You are moving into a new relationship between the Creator and Creation. You are co-creating together.

The 222 represents the Masculine Principle. You are stepping out of duality and widening your world to embrace Multidimensionality. You are increasing your potential and strength in every aspect of your being.

The 333 represents the New Earth.The New Earth is the product of the now 111 Feminine Principle in Unity with the now 222 Masculine Principle.

The 444 represents the Archangels and Ascended Masters, I (Gma) am one of them. It isananchor for the 111, 222 and 333 and is the foundation that provides guidance and support for all the other triple master numbers.

The 555 represents the elementals, animal kingdom, trees, rocks and the flow of energy. The flow of energy within every living being facilitates growth, enlightenment and ascension.

The 666 represents the connection of the physical self to the higher self. This brings into full consciousness the WHOLE Being.

The 777 represents the Golden Heart which facilitates the alignment of the planets and stars to the Heart of the New Earth.

The 888 represents the development of unlimited abilities, freedom of creation and manifestation.

The 999 represents the transitional potential to achieve your highest spiritual goals.

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