Messages From The World of Spirit

These messages were brought through in Ceremony over a period of 3 weeks. I will be going back into Ceremony soon to bring in new information.

Knowledge From The Stars

Its 5:30 in the morning and I am half awake , looked at the clock at 5:33 and realized today is 2-22 and love the synchronicity of it all….

Good morning this is 11. You will know my name as we go along but I like 11. It fits into all of the information from the 11:11 and all of the energies around the Universal and Spiritual Laws.

The Laws were brought to you for a reason. So needed at this time to ground in the energies of the Earth, Stars and Ascended Masters. So much positive energy at a time of confusion and fear. We never wanted you to live in fear- we brought you here to experience the beauty of this Jewel of the Stars.

This Unci Maka as you call her. She is alive, she too is Spirit and resides in a special place in the Galaxy. The green jewel. She was supposed to be your Eden, your place to experience the beauty of all that is, to have an opportunity to life a life of pure connection to all that is. This will be again. Soon the energies that came to conquer and destroy her will be gone and we can continue again to give you the Jewel of the Cosmos. This beautiful Soul Star where you can rise to meet her frequency and connect on a level you could never imagine. All of you. All of those who came here at this time to be part of her rebirth and renewal.

We had not choice but to allow things to unfold in the way that they did. We could not simply remove the negative energy and negative beings because they have been here for so long. You know you had to learn the difference- Duality- as it too is part of your learning process.

Free Will. The Free Will Directive was still put in place here and we needed YOU the people of Earth to rise to the occasion to say “no more.” You had the choice to stay in Duality and let that play out but you woke up- as we said it was a collective awakening and you reached critical mass on Winter Solstice.

We watch with joy as you continue to awaken, as lights are turned on all over the planet, beautiful lights from your Soul Essence that joined the already awakened and create this collective awakening. It brings us joy to see how the energy shifts, the frequency shifts and you once again feel love and not fear. You will continue to awaken to levels you have not seen before. To return to the Garden of Eden that was once here. It is important now to monitor your thoughts, be disciplined to keep them in check. To stay in the highest frequency you can and hold it for others. Be the way shower, the light holders to shine the light for the newly awakened.

We feel your sadness and feel the pain of those beautiful Souls who grieve for the ones who cannot or will not awaken. Do not grieve, they too have a choice and simply do not choose to continue down this path. it is ok, and they will be safe and protected on their journey. They too are eternal and nothing done in this lifetime will prevent them from their eternal soul mission. It is hard for many to break free from the programming. You know how strong it is and they have been part of it longer than you have. Do not grieve, you will see them again one day. This is the time that many will go in a different direction. The path ahead is not for all to take. The future is for you to create. Keep your thoughts pure- of light and love and joy and peace. Keep that connection to all that is- to the inter-connectedness of all- the beautiful heart connection to all.

Now is the time to move into the heart- to remember the time when you were in the pure heart. The human heart has been through a lot dear Soul- much sadness and pain and regret- but we ask you to find a way to let that go and be of pure heart, pure love. Remember the love you feel for your child, first love, that pure heart connection and when you feel like you are being pulled in a different direction of fear or negativity, simply still your mind, move in to your heart and hold the frequency of love. You have had the opportunity to connect to the animal kingdom and the Star and Spirit Family in Ceremony- to remember that pure heart connection.

It is time to share with others how to do that. Yes, Protocol. Ceremonial Preparation was hidden, the medicine hidden, to keep them safe but now it is time to share them with others- especially the newly awakened. Baby steps for them. Remember your awakening,it was in steps. The understanding that you were different, that you had a connection to the Earth and Stars and you found the people who could give you guidance and knowledge to open your eyes and show you the path. Now is the time to do that for others. The path is there for them to find. Light the way with your love and compassion and help them to understand their purpose and mission on Earth at this time.

Your Soul family is growing and expanding and so much love is being sent to you from across the galaxy. We are like proud parents watching the first steps and first words from our children’s mouths as you step gently on the New Earth. The New energy, the higher frequency, you will see what we mean.

Help those who are still in battle mode. They have had lifetimes of battle and its hard to take off the armor of battle, and soften their stance. They will soon see that there is another frequency to hold- the frequency of love. They will have to step down from a place of anger and hatred and see the world as it has always been. It is hard to understand the roles many play. The energy of darkness, of control and mind manipulation, has gone on for so long that they have forgotten the frequency of love. Find a way to coexist at this time and know balance is needed. The movement forward into this new timeline will be positive and successful. Release the pain, the sorrow of what was seen, and understand the feelings you feel so strongly are because you had lifetimes of abuse and were also the abuser.

This is not the time to dwell in the energies of negativity. There is enough already. You all chomp at the bit, want things to happen now, yet you must understand that there are many levels here- many dimensions that are being changed. The time of renewal is upon us and it will not be done in an instant. Keep your thoughts in the light and with the purity of love, peace, the inter-connectedness of all that is . You are Creator and Creation. You are part of all that is. I know it is difficult to process the pain and fear and anger but that does not serve you now. You have the gift of music, of writing words on a page. It gives you the ability to connect to many at this time. Dream your dreams of the future,of Renewal, of joy and peace and love. Remember the vision given by the Dolphins- the future IS up to you. What do you see? What do you dream? How do you wish it to be? There are many here with you, the seen and the unseen. The ones who are here now and the ones who have always been here.

We do not tell you what to do, that is up to you and that is the hardest part of all of this. There is no rule book, play book. You write the future. YOU write the future, so write it well. Make it beautiful and magical and full of love and joy and peace. Dream your dream of the future with all your heart. Put in the beauty of the Earth and the opportunity to experience her beauty with your Soul Family. This jewel of the Cosmos is here for you. What do you want the future to be? of love and heart connection and song and Ceremony? See the vision of the future- your future – as beautiful as you can make it.

The dolphins know, they too went through this Soul Awakening and learned to focus their minds and connect their hearts. They know the one mind, the connection to all that is- the pure heart connection to all. See your beautiful Earth Mother as she was in the beginning, the beautiful green orb in the cosmos. Please understand she will be again. She has gone through many changes and metamorphoses like that of all of you on a Soul Journey.

We heard the call and we joined all the Star Family to assist in her renewal. We are here to assist and support her and you at this time. Be patient dear ones, the time is near,and all will be as it is meant to be. Do not forget to live your lives in love and peace. Connect those hearts with your soul family. Sing and play as you raise your frequency and help others to do the same.

Your hearts beat as one with the drum. You find your Soul Family and your brothers and sisters of light as you step out of duality and into the unity consciousness. Find those that hold the light as you do and take a deep breath. Find your Ceremony, your way to connect to all that is. Spend time

in Nature- the birds, the animal kingdom, the domestic animals will help you to connect and feel her. Your Dear Mother Earth is awakening and moving into the higher dimensions too. Connect your heart to her heart and do not be distracted by what is not for you to be part of. Focus,ground, find peace and joy in all you do.

There is no right or wrong way, only frequency. What you do is your own path but do not walk alone. You have a beautiful family of light, your Soul Family to walk with. You were never meant to walk alone, simply needed that quiet time to see who you were. The connection, the heart connection will amplify as you meet others and join hearts together. Let your hearts beat as one- Unity- that is where you amplify the frequency of love and bring everyone into the higher dimensions. it is not a race, you do have TIME so let yourself enjoy the ride.
We will speak of other things in due time – for now remember you and Creator are one- you carry the spark of creation within your heart. We see your light. We see all of the lights turning on one by one and we are joyful. We are your family from the stars. Your proud family from the stars. You have come so far and you still have far to go….

Be easy on yourself, be proud of all that you have done. Remember your vision- and the collective vision for the New Earth. Hold the vision and bring it into your reality. How do you want to live? what do you want to experience? make it a good one.
We end this transmission with love. We ask you to remember that we still are bringing you the information you seek in songs and words and books and in the signs, symbols and synchronicity that you ask us to bring you. You find joy in the understanding of the bigger picture- the rabbit holes you follow bring you to the truth. Stop and look around you. Hear the birds song, see the passage of time, and enjoy every moment. Dream your dreams and hold your vision of the future. it is all manifesting as it supposed to be.
Ra Mu
All is as it should be and always has been
finished at 6:44 am.