Follow the White Rabbit

I land in obscure and fabulous places by chance….here is where i landed tonight…Alice Bailey again…

looked at my chart..chose noon because I really don’t know what time I was born

I have more water than earth…my fathers Sun sign is my moon and my mothers Sun sign is my rising sign.

took a break from the computer, I closed my eyes and had a vision of myself moving a bike, an ATV with my mind. Holding my head with a helmet on- band around my head. I’m making the vehicle move with my mind. Was like a movie…no idea where that was from…just a vision in my minds eye….

I moved the Sanat Kumara Altar card back to the display. I don’t know why it was on the desk all this time but I feel a difference. The Star Goddess is now in its place. Need to switch them out from time to time….

“O Mother of the Cosmic Night, Bathe me in your stellar light, Inspire in me inner vision to see, and realize my destiny”