The Ships Are Here


I was going to go to town and get hay. I got a strong message not to go. I went out to the horses to check on them and kept hearing

“ The ships are here” The ships are here” “ The ships are here “ The ships are here. It was a Saturday and the weather was strange. It would be cloudy and windy and then the sun would come out and then it would be cloudy and waves of clouds and wind were coming over most of the day.

I went into the Healing Room and sealed it. Put on the Grounding and Inspirational Writing from the CD and started to write.

White Buffalo Calf Woman – Pleiadian Ship
Commander K- the Excelsior made their presence known

This is the message:

Gathering of the Star Ships- Mother ships here now to hold the energy at this time in this area. Meeting/Greeting

Holding the energy in this area at this time- the foothills, front range, releasing and clearing the energy of the Dragons- The Lizard People- The Draconian Conclave- held in the foothills- the mountains- holding captive the light and the light bearers of millennia- no more will they be around to keep the light captive. This is the time to release all Souls held in the stone, in the caverns and the stone below us- now is the time to free them- to release them.

Crystal Grids will be reactivated- the Crystal Cities of old will appear again here.
The Cities of Light hidden and buried in the stone will be released.
Time is now to welcome them home- the light keepers- the light bearers of Millennia.

Millions of years they were suppressed, denied their true walk- true way- they are the keepers of the light- to hold the grids here- the grids are clear, clean and activated now- the way they once were.

The Magic has returned once again.

Light has returned to the places of darkness- the veils, the illusions are no more-no more hidden-cloaked and forgotten.

The Grandmothers return to hold the light. To hold the fortress- foothills- Doorway to the New Dimension- from this day forward the new energy will return to be grounded firmly on the earth to flow outward to all the earth and bringing the light back to the dark.

The caverns are emptied of this ancient darkness- the Vortexes have been cleared and recharged- reconfigured and recalculated. No longer will the energy of old- the lizard people- the dragon people do not hold the earth captive. The forces of light show you the way. No more fighting the dragons- the old energy brought up from below- the wells are capped, the energy sealed on another dimension. No longer on the earth plane.

Freedom of Truth, light, hope, love
Now is the time
Shift of Ages- turned back to the way it was before the dark ones came
Time is now to clear the old, sweep it out- let it go-

Freedom, Peace, Light, Love You will see the changes, the subtle changes it will be easier now- better, clearer.

Be happy, the work of many has made it happen- given us opportunity to complete it on all levels all time lines all dimensions.

This full moon 8-17-19 Remember this day 12:32

The old ones are returning to their rightful place. Be at peace, do not fear. This is a time of new beginnings- of Renewal – of reconnecting and rebuilding

The archaic structures are falling- no longer support this new energy- be strong- hold on- you will see the subtle changes- it is time

Help the new ones and the newly awakened to understand their walk
Teach them the tools to reconnect
Raise their vibration-
Reclaim their rightful place on earth
The Dragons are gone….

I was on You Tube a few days later and found this…. if you go to 47:05 you will hear the James confirm what Spirit shared with me.