Astrological Influences 2020 and beyond…..

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   🪐Saturn leaves Capricorn for ♒Aquarius ~ and he won’t be back until October 22, 2047!Saturn is sometimes known as Cronus the keeper of time, the Great Ringed One, the drill instructor, and the dispenser of cosmic justice. Without Saturn, umpires, referees and coaches would be out of a job. Saturn’s function is to make sure we’re playing by the rules of the game of life, while staying on task and hopefully, learning our lessons, (especially following the exuberance of Jupiter’s enthusiastic optimism). Saturn transits will inevitably teach us to take full responsibility for ourselves, to be more self-reliant, and to get by with less. Saturn oversees tangible manifestation, support structures, and as co-ruler (with Uranus) of Aquarius, the crystallization of ideas and visions into concrete, workable forms. Saturn transits and cycles can be considered to be serious times of self-mastery, achievement and maturity. During heavy Saturn transits, we feel that time has slowed down on us, as if to make sure we’re “getting it.” Indeed, we often encounter long delays, intense frustrations, and added pressures. But this also challenges us to face reality, thereby opening ourselves up to increased self-discipline, and the inner freedom that comes from being aligned with our dharma, our life purpose. Aquarius is a fascinating energy. On the one hand it favors contrarian outlooks, individuality, uniqueness and the quest for liberty. On the other, it has a lot to do with cooperation, being part of a group, a team, or some cause or mission larger than oneself. The vibrations of Aquarius can also symbolize the coordinated effort to find solutions to the problems of humanity. It’s definitely the sign of the genius, the geek, the wizard, and it’s the innovative, forward-thinking, technological, outside-the-box air sign which governs friendships, alliances, group activities and the collective consciousness. Where the preceding air sign Libra wants things to be FAIR, Aquarius needs things to be EQUAL. During 1991-1993, (the last time Saturn was in Aquarius), South Africa’s segregation policy of Apartheid was done away with. Before that, Saturn transited Aquarius from 1962-1964, just before the U.S. signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Going back one more orbit, (from 1932-1935) it was a time which saw the Great Depression and President Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” Saturn’s journey across Aquarius back then brought social security, expanded government infrastructure and regulations to the banking system. Now with the present transit of Saturn in Aquarius until 2023, it will certainly be a time of great technological advances, that may improve communication links, bring more structure to our lives, and allow us to virtually connect much more effectively. There can also be more rules imposed on social media and technology that may feel over-the-top and restrictive. With Covid-19 while Saturn was in Capricorn, there was a fear of scarcity, the threat of losing everything, and the frustrating, enforced reality of lost freedoms, of restricted living. The human race, long-intoxicated by plentiful resources, has been misdirected in it’s primary goals for centuries now. What goes around does indeed come around, and conditions will force a game changer era of reconfiguring our cooperative efforts in new and unprecedented ways. With Saturn now in Aquarius, our focus will turn to participation in something larger, to our collective systems, and to being more involved as world team players. Since Aquarius is a sign dealing with social justice, the power of group movements will rise. While Saturn in Capricorn was more about self-preservation, Saturn in Aquarius will be focused on preserving the group, focusing upon our “collective survival.” The scientific community will be mentally ambitious during this period, and long-term, committed friendships will increase in their loyalty and dedication to one another. In writing these astrology posts, I never want to sound pessimistic, but in keeping with the energy of Saturn, I intend to be only REALISTIC here. Saturn will be making 3 jarring and edgy 90 degree square-offs with the unpredictable “Awakener” planet Uranus throughout 2021. We can expect societal “tests” in the areas of health and medicine, agriculture and commodities, transportation and supply chain issues, banking and the economy, (cryptocurrency, bitcoin, etc.) and other inevitable changes to the fabric of our global civilization. Both Saturn and Uranus co-rule Aquarius, so it will be like having two “Cosmic Council members” reaching an impasse over how to proceed forward. Saturn will most likely stand for the tried-and-true, traditional methods of further bureaucratic expansion and control, whereas Uranus will be advocating for the new, the revolutionary, the breakthrough approach, and in some unpredictable, Uranian way, the obvious! We are truly entering a period of radical transformation, and we’re long overdue for practical, positive and sweeping upgrades on this planet. Our current materialistic mode of resource consumption has brought us into direct conflict with not only ourselves, but with Mother Nature’s stringent Laws as well. As Saturn’s prior transits through Aquarius have shown us, our hunger for conscious, evolutionary up-leveling is not only needed, it’s imminent. Trying to end this post on a lighter note is awkward at best, but I’d like to wish everyone well for the New Year! May we all take away only good and useful things from this challenging time. 🙏❤️🌎🌟☮🕊️#Saturn#entering#Aquarius#Innovation#truth#technology#communication#digital#change#socialmedia#collectivesoul#new#groupsupport#consciousness#advancement#humanity