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Aluna Joy Yaxkin

January 7,2021 · For the past week, I had been feeling a heavy, deep pressure building. It was becoming to much to bear. I kept telling Raphael “Something big is coming”. I felt much like I did prior to 9/11. The feeling of a pressure, but not having any reference point to understand it. Then yesterday morning I couldn’t take it anymore, and we decided to drive out to the sacred Hopi site called Homolovi. This site is out past the meteor crater near Winslow, Arizona. On our 2 hour drive to Homolovi, we listened to Archaeoed podcast about a neighboring site, Chaco Canyon. In year’s past, Dr. Ed Barnhart has been our Palenque archaeologist expert. (His a podcast on Chaco Canyon can be found here:, and you can support his non-profit with the donation button). As we were grabbing some “to go” lunch in Winslow, my phone started pinging, and this is when we knew of the demonstrators in the US Capital. Then it all started to become clear why I needed to be in the middle of nowhere holding to center. The sacred sites in the Southwest and I have a delicate relationship. Most times I can feel the guardians and spirits in the sites, but I rarely receive any message. I always have to strip away any ego and make apologies for my humanness, and be completely naked to Spirit. If I have any fragment of an agenda, plan, or preconceived idea, then forget it … the door slams shut. But not yesterday. As soon as I closed my eyes, I was surprised to see the face of a beautiful grandmother spirit. One of the Kachinas maybe? Her face was completely round. She had aged so much that her face was almost concave; Much like a piece of fruit that is dehydrated. The wrinkles in her face were like canyons. Her deep eyes were like oceans, and they twinkled with unconditional love. Her hair was pure white. She had bangs cut across her forehead like the Hopi still wear today. There was a rim of fur around her face that was blowing gently in the wind. The fur could have been rabbit or fox, but it was natural in color. She wasn’t very tall, and I don’t think her feet touched the ground as she hovered out in front of me. So I began to try to explain why I was there. I could not formulate any words that matched what I was feeling inside, and why I was drawn to come out to this remote place. Then I just simply asked if she could help heal the world’s insanity. And oh … she laughed a deep grandmother laugh. I asked why she laughed, and she said everything humanity is doing now is insane. I instantly got what she was saying. How far we have fallen from living WITH Mother Earth, to merely living ON planet Earth. I felt that all hope was lost and that we had failed and lost our balance and centeredness as human-beings. Then I saw, standing far behind her, another Kachina Spirit. It was a Hopi Singing Long Hair Kachina who was gazing toward the San Francisco peaks (Nuvatukya’ovi). In year’s past, I had been invited to a Kachina dance on the Hopi Mesas, and the Singing Long Hairs were unforgettable. He didn’t speak to me … he just held the space.((Long-Haired Kachina, called Angak’china, is a bringer of rain and flowers. Their songs and dances are beautiful and a favorite of the Hopi. The Long-Haired kachinas wear long flowing hair that represent the rain falling.))Then I caught a brief fragrance that felt like a blend of sage mixed with the smell of cooking or frying of food. I caught warm subtle whiffs of this smell several times. And after a while, I realized that I was feeling so much lighter and balanced. I figured that the Kachinas must be helping me, and I hoped that they were helping all of humanity also. I sat there a long time and prayed for global centeredness and balance. All during this process my phone was pinging, and I realized the world needed to be here with me. So I looked at my screen and saw an answer to a text that I had made earlier from my UK astrologer friend, Marcus Mason. He said what was going on here was “Very Uranian”, and that, in a few days, it would all begin to change course. But I also knew in my heart that the UK needed this help as well because I accidentally called him trying to answer his text in the sunlight. I hung up quickly, but he called back. It felt like phone lines were being used to send healing energy across the pond to maybe heal the last vestiges of karma created between the British and the Americans a long time ago. It is interesting to see Britain and America going through similar situations.We sat there a long while, and it was starting to get late, so we decided to head back to civilization. The Kachinas didn’t say goodbye. The Grandmother and the Long Hair only faded away into the deep blue sky. Without getting too personal, I have to say that I had a really strong clearing just before I reached the car. It felt like built up toxins left my body in that moment. I could feel my balance return.So I share this with you today, in case you have been going through similar feeling and situations. I hope that my sharing this story will help bring this healing energy to you, so you can re-balance, and restore your centeredness in your heart, and, most of all, clear your mind. I am sure we all hope that all the the world’s insanity is brought to light and healed … because we are One people now … One humanity on this little, blue-green Earth that we live with. Blessings and peace to all who find this message.

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