Soul Family Wisdom

From Kryon Book VIII – Passing The Marker – Page 191If I Shine My Light, Doesn’t That Interfere With Free Choice?Dear ones, the lighthouse is not proactive. It is not evangelistic. It simply shines. Let’s say you walk into a dark room where it’s difficult to see. Others in the room are simply walking in a darkened room, doing their best. As the lighthouse you are, you shine the light in their direction, and suddenly it illuminates where they are going. They now have a choice to see the path or not – to head in another direction or the one that is now illuminated. I ask you, have you interrupted their choice? NO. You have instead given them some silent options.Some might say you have affected their lives, and they would be correct, but you have not interfered. You have not coerced or prodded. All you have done is to be silent, anchored, and you shined the light. Some might not even know you were there! That’s how it works.~ KRYON

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