Soul Family Wisdom

Peter Maxwell Slattery


 A change and shift in earth human consciousness has already been in play for sometime. There are new energies coming in from Source which are bringing in a new vibration, in turn effecting the light blueprint and physical matter that has manifested from that. All is a manifestation of consciousness and awareness which then creates sound, light and matter. Energies from the unified field which break into a vibrational state and into the light blueprint are all monitored and government by the Elohim and the Lords of Light. Humans are in their child like state and are the Sons of God, incarnated to experience and gain knowledge for the overall collective before moving to the next state of evolution. You are all the cells of Source when observed at from the highest levels.Due to these frequencies and energies coming into the physical universe, many layers of the next level are coming into one’s evolutionary process. This is done by the energies entering your physical universe through the centre of all galaxies. As a result these energies go throughout all galaxies from their central point via the electromagnetic tunnels connecting all stars (Which your sun is also). From there, these energies come out and effect planets and satellites local to them. This process (and we will put this in a localised way for you), named the Schumann resonance, is effected and the magnetic changes upon the human race and for all out in the physical universe. This does have a bi product of effecting the other realms not seen externally by humans at this time. From these energies from the galactic centre, the Sun blasts out solar flares, CME (Coronal Mass Ejections), solar storms that effect the planet, the tectonic plates and the energy of the planet, thus creating more earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, fires, and not to mention, emotions running high. This can effect ones health and also the social arena. The Pandemic is a play too, along with changes on a political scale which are being maximised due to the above. Now is the time and the next level in a long process which has been in play for a long time, as it has been said, “When it comes, it will be like a thief in the night”. You are here for the shift! It is a very special and important time. Process and release that which no longer serves you is asked. Forgive others including oneself, and ask what can be done to bring joy, love and laughter into ones life and the creator or all creation. Connecting in groups for universal peace, love and growth can be effective during this time too. The 21st of December is just another pivotal point out of many during this shift, and more truth is coming to light, even from and for oneself. Underground bases, hiding, locking oneself away will not help save anyone, no one is immune to the changes upon us. What is happening on earth has been holding back evolution and these times should be embraced and expected as foretold long ago. Now is a time to embrace, release and leave that which you cannot change into Gods hands. Paradise for all awaits after these times, and it isn’t everyones time, just yet. Those who do not move on are not ready, but in time it will be their moment also. Remember that love is a key when in reactionary mind. Observation is also another key. The change starts within for ones own soul evolutionary process. Know you are loved! To really feel this, one must love oneself. Explorers you are, creators you are, and this is just a journey with a mission to refine oneself and to evolve, eventually allowing one to create their own universe and to refine the evolutionary process, as you will also do, what creator has done.You all know this! This is just a reminder.Peter Maxwell Slattery

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