Messages From The World of Spirit

3-11-21 Grandmothers

Grandmothers what is it that we need to know at this time?

Good morning, busy day in preparation for the Spring snow. It is such an amazing time on Earth indeed. Another lunar cycle, New Moon, Thanksgiving, opportunity to set prayers and intention for what you want to manifest for this Spring, Season of Rebirth and Renewal. The birds are letting you know that it is the time of song, Thanksgiving and Love.  The time they gather to bring in new life. It is your time to bring in new life in the form of ideas and creativity, plans for the future and seeds to plant to prepare the gardens for the growing season. 

We are pleased to see so many preparing for the future- not in fear but with hope for the future. Rising above the fear of last year and with eyes wide open to the truth. So much has happened int he passing of a year. Some months seemed so long and other months passed in the blink of an eye. Preparation for Ceremony and putting a fresh coat of paint on the house, trimming the trees, gathering wood for Sweat Lodge, cleaning up yards and pasture for the time of rains and thaw. What an amazing time on Earth and how you have grown- learned so much about yourselves and others. The Psychic gifts, the intuition and discernment. Third eye and throat chakras have been tuned up- attuned and strengthened. No more baby steps now you are able to muster your gifts and use them to assist others and teach them how to use them. 

There is still much to understand, to learn, to uncover. The truth is coming out, veils of illusion are being pulled back and the frequency of love is freeing everyone from the spells cast on humans and humanity. More and  more are walking away from the Media.  They are sharing the truth among friends and family and waiting for others to wake up. As you know death is  also an awakening  and that will continue to happen, more will question their existence and soul purpose.

Now is the time to make plans for the future. To plan for short term and long term. Find those medicines, those plants you will need for the next winter and in the future. Trade share seeds, collect seeds, to save for the coming years. Understand the growing season  and call on the Devas- the Plant Spirits, the Elementals to assist you. Sing the songs, create the Sacred space for them too. ( White orb flashed on the page ) Teach about medicines, use the vision of the Healing space. Put it on canvas to keep it fresh in your mind and access the energy when needed for healing and rejuvenation. 

Keep your mind focused- keep random thoughts at bay- understand your feelings and take ownership of them. It is time to strengthen the mind- Ceremony Focus_ much is trying to make you lose your  focus, distract you and you need to stay strong.  Hold the frequency of LOVE in your heart for  yourself and others and help them to find it when they falter or go through the dark night or times of fear and self doubt. You all have spent this past year learning how to conquer those emotions. You learned the truth after all went into fear. Your logical mind put on the brakes and you started to question the narrative. 

So many stepped away from the media then stepped off social media because the need to show, to prove the lies just made the sleepers go deeper into fear. You are learning to have compassion and deal with sadness with such strength. Inner strength is building and your ability to cope is stronger. Yes you have time of doubts and overwhelm, it is ok to go there just don’t stay there. Ask for help, find that truth in others and the opportunity to share the work for the common goal- Creative Community- follow your dreams and visions of the future and allow it all to manifest- step out of the way. 

You are a Ceremonial Grandmother, you have great responsibility to  your community and your family, Soul and biological. Show by example- share- gently strength and tough love when needed. 

Grandmothers will we have ten days of darkness?

will we have a shift in the financial system? 

will we be able to keep earth star and the land?

are we to stay here?

will there be arrests?

will there be a new system in our lifetime?

second coming of Christ Consciousness

May 26th Wesak Moon?

is all that is being said coming true?

will we have new technology?

will we have a time of lack?

will we exist in the higher dimensions at the same time 3 D?

will there be an Event?

will there be bad earth changes?

will there be a wave of love in such force to change the world?

So much of this is up to  you and the collective consciousness. you will all be creating these new systems. no food shortage if  you share- prepare. arrests are already under way- truth being shown

New technology- Star based and earth based- shared and invention or uncover inventions that already exist

many will pass

wave of love already here- more will come

Wesak Full Moon- change of the guard- need to hold the light, love

Event- not as expected, not one thing, waves of change

No more President- council of Elders- like Star Councils

Not one person in charge

Frequency rise- major changes for Earth and humanity- waves-dates- culmination on May 26th, June 18th, August 11 etc.