Messages From The World of Spirit

3-10-21Grandmothers- Lemurian

Hard to sleep last night- Song in my  head. Sasha off to Costa Rica- lots of changes. Hard to carry this all on my shoulders alone- snowstorm coming and lots of responsibility- lots of animals. Book landed here about dreams- deprogramming- very interesting time so absolutely Spirit Led. 

Grandmothers- Lemurian Grandmothers. The Grandmothers who watch over Inner Earth, hold the inner space- the core of the Earth, the connection to the Central Sun, say you do not walk alone. You never have, never will. Yes on the physical you stand without someone at your side for now, but you have back up and support of so many. The world as you know it is out of balance. Part of that imbalance is the disconnect many have or had to Creator. How do you know what you lack if you always have it ? 

Lessons, life lessons and choices, Human nature to fall in love with the energy of a man, seek the potential, and be blind to the 3 D reality of the man. You know the story, the evolution of Humanity. The control system was very effective- the programming from an early age that took the child from the mother and placed them in the system- raised by the system. The media, the destruction of “ man “ on so many levels. All races, all generations affected by the system. so now it all unravels. The system is on very weak ground. Faltering and falling apart because the hearts of humanity are open. Systems fail and new systems are put in place- you are in the in between. The remaking of humanity- the birth of freedom, Universal Human. 

Waking up from the dream- the illusion- the deep sleep. As the sun rises in your reality also see that the sun rides for Humanity. A new Beginning, an opportunity to discover all of your potential. This is what we talk about- what is partially in your reality and what is about to happen. You stand with one foot in both worlds. You always have and that was the difficult walk because you knew you were never part of the old system, but many of those you loved were. It is time now to create the new system. To start at home, in your present reality and build the energy and let it ripple out. People can’t help to notice, to feel a difference. You know you recognize your Star family,  your Soul family by their energy. It is different, there is an instant connection, a recognition. Sometimes a memory of other lifetimes together and most of the times a familiar frequency. 

We spoke over and over about this. The voice is quiet but it soon grows louder- amplifying the energy in bands of light. We want to activate the memory  of the times when you were in full capacity to use all of your gifts. You are Universal Human, Star Seed, Star being created with the energy of genetics of the Star Races that birthed you. 
You find your connection in the stillness of the morning. When the light returns to your part of the world- the pinpoint of the sun returning to once again bathe the world in its warmth and light. The birds sing to awaken you all. They feel the sun, the warmth returning and sing with joy. The song of the birds was once just one voice that sang to welcome the new day. You all would start your day in Ceremony, to welcome the new day- the light. The memory of Ceremony is not as strong in the human mind but it is returning. Be joyful and welcome the light- the sun’s rays back. Be in a space of quiet contemplation and hear the voices of the birds- join in when you can- find Ceremony in all things. 

It is time to open your heart and  know many are doing the same thing. When you awaken at Sun Dance you see those around you preparing for a new day. Coffee brewing, the fire’s going, the preparation of food for the camp, the preparation for the dance to begin. Everyone has their role, their responsibility to the Sacred Ceremony. Remember that at that time there are Sacred Ceremonies going on all over the world. The Solstice, The Equinox, The Lunar Cycles, The Seasons, The day, the night, all are honored in some way. 

Let your walk be Ceremony. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions and step out of the  busy distractions that are all around you. Do not let the world, that does not feel the connection to all things, take you out of your daily Ceremony. The challenge ,if you will, is to walk with that energy and not let it bother you. Push out the love in your heart- let it be as shield to protect you from energies that do not resonate. Be in the center of the circle and allow the world outside to continue around you but not influence you in a negative way. 

You are seeing the subtle shifts, the changes that are happening on so many levels. You are seeing people circle back, in service, wanting to help. They are wanting to be part of the new energies that are getting stronger. More and more are connecting in, asking to connect, feeling something they cannot explain but want to learn more about. You are no longer a victim of circumstance, you are in the flow of Creation. The flow of energy that is getting stronger and is part of the New Earth. Words cannot even describe what you see and feel- almost there, on the cusp and  building strength. Keep the dream alive, hold the vision you have for the future. Your Star family and Soul family can feel it. 

You did not know about synchronicity then, you just thought it was happenstance. To find an add in a magazine and in a few short weeks be getting ready to move there ( The Land) Remember the morning you woke up and saw everyone camped there, that still cold morning in May when  you all were there for the first time. Remember that time in Denver when the Psychic showed you your life there when the glaciers moved on. When you lived there, camped there you felt like you were going home. Remember your dreams of the town in the forest. That ah hah moment  years later when you realized that your dream was misinterpreted and that in reality the town was a city in inner earth, in another dimension. Remember how so many told you of their vision or their intuitive reading  of that space. You always felt safe there, your Unicorn Forest, always magical, and mystical. 

It is time to put all the dreams together. Find the space in your mind to create your new Magick. It is time to bring the energy back and clear out the clutter in your mind and in your home. Spring is indeed that time of renewal. Keep your vision in your mind’s eye and bring it to life. All those who are to assist will come. You will not be alone, you will be in  your community, your family will return. All is this was meant to be, it was just not at the right time. 
When there are too many things for one person, it is time to call in the help, lighten the burden so to speak and allow others in. Do not push them away, they too are learning about their dreams and visions, their place in the new energy, New Earth. You are creating a community of support as the Earth is reborn,  as the energy of LOVE, the Christ Consciousness returns to Earth once again. 

Pull the pieces together, do what  you feel needs to be done on a given day. We are sending you the love and support, the energetic assistance to create and put your visions into form. If you need help just call, we are always with you. We feel you,  your sadness, your joy, your frustration. We stand with you and protect you as the old energy loses its power and the new energy gets stronger. Stay in a positive mental space. Bring in what you need in the flow of energy and we will assist in manifesting it into your present reality. You are relearning who you are. Get back into alignment with the cosmic energy- allow it to flow around you. Open your heart, trust and have faith once again. So much is manifesting for you now. 

It is ok to slide backward from time to time, its about your perspective. You can see what you still need to release, what is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming. Stop trying so hard, just allow, feel the love surrounding you. lift the veil and RE- MEMBER. 7:44 am.