Messages From The World of Spirit

3-8-21 The Elementals

We come to you today to speak of our existence.

We are the Elemetals. We come to you in many forms but you see us as the blue orbs or white flashes of light most of the time. We have been with you all of your life to remind you of the Magick. The love, the laughter, the pure joy of existence. We help you to connect to nature, the trees, the plants, all living things. 

 We were with you when you were in that big rubber tree in the front yard at By The Lee.                 ( Bermuda) We played with you when no one else was there for you. We made you smile and made you laugh when you were sad or felt alone.

We helped remind you of your connection to nature, to remind you of how important your connection is for happiness and for the work you do here on Earth. We ask that you remember us when you plant the seeds, when you start the gardens in the Spring. When you work with the soil and the plants call us in and we will help you grow you food with love.   

All humans had a connection to us. We were part of everyday life. When the focus went from heart to head the memory of us faded. Yes you do see and feel the Devas in other peoples houses but they do not and may not work with us because they do not know we exist.   

There is much that needs to go back into balance. and soon the energy of the planet will rise and we will be visible to all . We ask that you call on us, allow us to help you with the plants and the gardens and trees. Show people the difference so they too can call on us.

We can teach by example here and help others to understand who we are and how we can be of service. We ask all to be mindful of their energy.

The energy that they bring here to Earth Star. We are sensitive like you and are affected by anger and negativity. All living beings are  sensitive and humans need to understand and respect the space we share with them here and in Nature. We hold the vibration high so the plants can grow and the people can heal.