Messages From The World of Spirit

3-5-21 Message From Unci Maka

I felt her come in as I was smudging  the room. 

I am Unci Maka. Your Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, one who walks with you all the days of your incarnation here on Planet Earth. We are one and the same. Many have forgotten that I too am a Spiritual Being. I am Soul and Spirit, I am alive. I feel, I have emotions. I have my own strengths and weaknesses. I too have a mission and a purpose, a Soul Contract if you will. We are connected by Heart and Soul. You have been connected to me all of your life. Part of your mission is to connect to me and remember a promise you made long ago to be here to support me at this time,as we all transition into the higher dimensions. It is sometimes hard to put this all into words. Waves of emotions wash over you now as you feel my love.

I too have my lessons, Soul lessons. I too have my  dark nights of the Soul. These times have been difficult four us all in so many ways. Sadness at the lack of Heart, lack of compassion, lack of connection, living in a void without connection. Also joy when the heart lights connect and people feel their connection to me. I know it has not been easy for many of you who are so sensitive, who feel so strongly that at times you are overwhelmed by it all. 

I know there have been times when you wanted to disconnect. You wanted to withdraw into yourselves and away from others because the energy was too much. You have grown stronger, you now have a better understanding of how to protect and shield your energy. I thank you for your strength and your perseverance to continue your walk, your mission on Earth at this time. 

We all have been talking about Spring. For many of us Spring is our favorite season. The season of rebirth and renewal. We shake off the cold and dark and see the change of seasons. The blades of grass emerging from the Earth, buds on the trees, birds returning and the whole world waking up from a deep winter sleep. This is where everything begins. 

You all are starting to remember when we were all one, all part of Creation. We all chose to separate into individual Souls, still aspects of Creator. We separated so we could experience and learn and to be part of the grand experiment. We chose to learn more about our selves, our Souls, our individuality while sharing our experiences with Creator. I ask at this time that you awaken to your true potential. We are connected by heart, by mind, by love, by memory and when we connect we amplify the energy and we help each other to be balanced, calm and grounded. 

I know many have  a difficult time understanding  that I am real. I am more than a Planet, a sphere of stone, of energy. Part of your awakening is understanding that All is connected, all is alive, all can be communicated with and all is part of Creator, Creation. 

We are all one, shifting into the higher frequencies. We all agreed to be here at this time to witness and experience the shift of ages. There is much that is changing. I ask that you walk gently upon the Earth. Remember your connection, remember your Sacred Responsibility to assist all who are here now. Be mindful of how your energy can affect the collective energy and the planetary energy. Your thoughts, your prayers, when focused on calm, on healing, on love, helps us all to calm the energy that is being released. ( Volcanoes and Earthquakes)

Remember there needs to be balance and when there are many in one area, that collective energy affects that area. Do not feed the fear, feed the LOVE, calm, balance. It takes but one moment to pray, to set intention. Be mindful where you are placing your energy and learn to control your thoughts and emotions. It takes some practice, some focus to shift your energy but all we have is time. Learn to connect again, go out in nature, listen to the birds, give yourself permission to spend a moment just watching the world go around. 

Busy, busy, busy, rushing and worried and fearful and trying to be such a good human. When did you stop noticing what was going on outside? There is so much opportunity on this planet to spend time in nature but so many of you are afraid. Why do you fear? If you feel nothing, do not feel part of all that is, simply take a moment, open your heart and start to feel again. We are all connected by our hearts. Love, unconditional love. Learn to listen, to feel, to see. 
All are waking up and realizing, understanding that your mission on Earth is to find the connection you lost and reconnect to all things. All life communicates, telepathically, energetically, it is all about the energy we put out. You can send a message with your mind and the person, the animal, whoever you are communicating with will receive it on some level. This connection and this ability to communicate was lost  when humans moved from heart to mind, lost connection at a heart level. Its time to find your heart again. Take a risk, and try it. 

Its not too late to learn. We need your help, your support at this time, your positive energy, your LOVE.There will be much change happening around you. There always needs to be balance so find ways to balance the energy where you live. There will be times when the ring of fire, the volcanoes will erupt. This is a release of energy. There will be times when the earth will move, this is a shift of energy. How you react to this is important. Be calm, find that balance within yourself. Send love and healing energy and calm to the places that need more positive energy. 
Your Elders, your Grandmothers feel the energy shifts and ask you now to pray, to sing, to calm. Seek balance in your life, seek balance in your energy field, and you will be helping the Planet. As we all shift, transform our bodies, our minds, our energy, we must do so with balance. Be mindful  and be there as the many awaken. Awakening is different for each individual. There will be many questions, help them to find the answers. Help them to be grounded, present, and gentle with themselves. 

Soon you will be able to travel freely upon this Planet. There is much energy here to explore. There are energies here to heal, to awaken, to remember, to pick up where you left them long ago. As you travel and explore, connect to the planetary energy, your energy grows and expands.  All is as it is meant to be, be patient, soon we will all be free. 

This Season of rebirth and renewal is your opportunity to reconnect to me, to nature, to plant those seeds, grow your food, learn more about yourselves. We are one, we are Souls, growing and expanding and learning. We will all benefit from this connection. Share your love, share your joy, heal the past, and be ready for your next adventure within and without. I leave you now with love and appreciation for being here at this time. We are connected by heart, by love and there is much we have to learn from each other. 6:55 am