Messages From The World of Spirit

3-3-21 Message from The Grandmothers


Protection song, Grandmothers song, 13 Grandmothers song

We are the Grandmothers. We dance our way through the stars to be with you today. We come in the energy of LOVE. We bring the memory of when all was love, all was Ceremony, everyone on earth was connected by the frequency of love. Heart to heart and living in peace and harmony and joy. The lights were lit in each heart here. The fires were lit for Ceremony and the drum beat of the Mother, drumbeat of Mother Earth resonated around the world. 

This time of unity, of ceremony, pure joy in your daily existence. Joy in everything you did. Life was good, life was peaceful and all connected to the energy of all things. We show you this picture and ask you to REMEMBER. You get a glimpse of this time in books and dreams and distant memories when you were here before. Yes there were many lifetimes when you were connected, hearts open and joyful. 

You have seen us in the eyes of the children,in the smoke of the Inipi, in the songs and prayers, in the stones, the trees, the clouds, the stars. You remember when we come to you or to Ceremony because you feel our love. You feel the love that we carry in our hearts to remind you to do the same. 

We are the energy of the Divine Feminine, of all phases of woman. We now carry the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom passed down from Grandmother to grand daughter, from mother to child, from Spirit. We walk the road of Ceremony to help you REMEMBER who you are, who you were and who you will be. You need to wake up now. You have been lulled to sleep, in a world, in a place where time stands still. We say WAKE UP !!! It is time to take up your SACRED RESPONSIBILITY on the Earth plane now. !!!

All of you, all of Earth’s children, the children of the stars, all those that came here now to witness the birth of love. How you long for love. You feel love from your family, the ones who spark love in your heart, your children, your animals but you still do not understand love.

Nothing exists without the frequency of love. That is what your Elders are trying to show you. They hold the love in their hearts waiting for the younger generations to pick up their sacred responsibility and place love back into their hearts. We are talking about the pure energy of love. Love has no limitations, no expectations, it has not rules, no limits. It is a pure energy that has been here since the beginning of creation. Creation cannot exist without love. There is not life without love. 

We say that spark almost went out. There have been many times on this planet and on others where the sparks of love almost went out. It will never completely go out but to truly exist it needs to be fully there. 

It is time to bring that love back to this planet. Unci Maka needs all of you to crack open your beautiful hearts, let go of fear and doubt and let that love flow.Your sacred responsibility is to keep the love alive. Return to that time when you felt connected to all life and all living things with the frequency of love. Go back to that memory and bring it back. Remember love, the love you have for a child or a pet or a special person in your life. Remember when love was pure, when love was so powerful that it made you feel dizzy, made you want to stay in that energy. 

Today you only use a tiny fraction of your beautiful heart. You have fear around you. Fear to love, fear to lose, fear of fear. Do you not see that fear has shut you down? That is has made you unhappy? No joy, no desire to create and be creative? You do the least you have to do just to exist. So much distraction with tv and phones and computers-Base emotions- frequencies that no longer hold love. Go back to the sound of love songs, that were written by people in love. Houses built with love, everything done with love. 

You are all waiting for something to happen. We are here to say its  not going to happen without YOUR participation. You need to take up your sacred responsibility. Remember who you are and why you came here at this time. You need to help bring love back to this time and space. We all need to focus on love. This is the wake up call, the alarm bell is going off and you need to hear it and WAKE UP !! You have been lulled to sleep, into complacency, into the belief that it is up to someone else to do it. 

We say no, its not up to someone else, its up to all of us. Let go of the past, stop feeding the fear and negativity and stop wasting time. We come in the space and time when love returns to the planet but it does not return without you, your participation. Get off the phone, off the computer, go outside and reconnect.You did not come here to sit in your house all day. You did not come here to watch the world go by on your phone. WAKE UP !!!

Children, teenagers, young adults, adults, you come in as a child with full memory but you can’t share what you see and know because you lack the words and your parents forgot telepathy. You giggle and laugh and see the Spirits around you. Your Guardian Spirits and your family of light that has passed beyond the veil. You laugh and giggle and try to tell your parents but they are too distracted to see and hear them. You slowly lose the ability to talk with them because no one around you does. 

It is time to remember dear children of Earth. Remember your starry origin. Remember you too danced through time, danced your way through the stars to your present incarnation. You carry the wisdom of many lifetimes held in your heart and waiting for you to wake up and access your memory banks. All is written in the Akasha, your book of life. 

Look at the children, the babies. They are the Masters of old coming back to witness the rebirth of love. They carry the wisdom of the ages, the Sages, the Wizards and Monks.The interpreters of languages long forgotten. They bring it back in giggles and songs and what you call imagination but know its all real. There are dimensions beyond dimensions all around you. So many Spirits around you but you do not see or feel. Honor all who are here now. Do  not dismiss them because you do not understand them, listen, feel, connect. 

Keep the light in your heart burning. Turn up the love, the light you carry. Open your eyes and look around you. There is so much that you are missing because you are distracted. Go back to Ceremony. Connect with people of like mind. You will see the lights in their eyes. Their Soul spark shines in their eyes. Look for the people who are laughing, that find joy in the simplest of actions, that have moved beyond the present state of mind. Find the ones that seek time in nature. Those who love the bird song, the moon glow, the stillness of cold morning air. Find your Soul family, the ones you have walked with through the sands of time. Who you danced through the stars with to incarnate with these many lifetimes. Help them to remember, to wake up, to bring love back to this place and time. 

Stand up, go outside , connect to nature, feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, hear the birds and the song on the breeze. Remember who you are and why you are here. As you wake up from this dream you will remember. Do not be complacent. Do  not wait for someone else to do the work we all need to do. Its up to all of you.

This is now Spring. It is time of rebirth and renewal. How can you help your community? How can you help your family to find the light within? Remember the magic, your connection to all that is. Connect your heart to the hearts of others and let that love expand and return to this beautiful Planet Earth. 

You will feel the energy expand, the waves of love being sent from the stars, the waves of love being sent by the Sun, the Moon, the families of light all over the Universe. They woke up, they remember, they are here to assist but cannot do the work for you.

Pay attention to how  you feel, what you think, take a close look at your reality. You can change it if it does not bring you joy. Do not let others turn your light off. Don’t allow fear and negativity to affect you. Do not give power to that which does not support your soul evolution. Keep the love alive. 

We are the Grandmothers who dance through the sands of time. Who dance through the stars to remind you how beautiful and amazing you are. We love you and are proud of our children and Grand children. Play your music, create with joy, plant the seeds, and do not miss this opportunity to be part of this Birth. Ride the waves, the solar waves of light. Dance with us through the starry skies, feel the love, see it and believe it has returned. 
We leave you now with love, there are so many with you now, here to  help hold the light. Enjoy your time, find joy in all you do. Remember LOVE is why we are here. 

We will come when you call, sing our song, know we are just a thought away. 7-11 am.