Messages From The World of Spirit

Message from the Grandmothers


5:44 am Protection Song, Unci Song, 13 Grandmothers Song

We are the ancient ones, the Grandmothers from the Stars, of the Omniverse. We dance through the starry skies. We have the memory of beyond time , beyond what you know to be. We dance, we sing, we pray for our children and our Grandchildren from the stars. 

The hardest part of your Earth walk is the amnesia. We see your Soul, we see all the lifetimes you lived. We see the bands of light that show us who you are and what you have done. Dear one you ARE a child of the stars. You came back to Earth to be here at this time. The Midwives have returned to attend the birth of this New Age. 

Yes you see the ocean of time, the waves on the water of renewal,the stars that shine in the sky of no time. We show you this beach, this ocean, the soft waves washing on the shore. The sun is muted, but it is not Your sun, it is the sun eternal. The healing frequency of the Cosmic Sun, the Cosmic Rays are healing, the ocean  is healing. Find the shells on the beach and hear their story. They will tell you of the time of no time, when you would come here to heal, to rejuvenate, after lifetimes of battle or lifetimes of joy. This place exists in the place of no time, a place where you can come when you need to reconnect and recharge. Remember what it looks like- yes very much like the beach in the movie “ Contact” but muted. The Great Central Sun is not as bright  as your sun. It is gentle and warm and healing. Dear ones go to as many places as you can in the cosmos to recharge . Your planet here now was once one such place. She was created to come and see the beauty of Creation, to see the full potential of intention. You know there are places on earth that defy gravity, and places so beautiful it leaves people speechless. 

You will see this again and you will be able to enjoy the places for healing  and connection and rejuvenation that will exist again. You are a child of the Cosmos- your Soul carries the memory of all of your lifetimes, not just the one you live now, and the star seed soul’s memory- the one who walked in so you could start your healing journey.  We watch our children, our Star children with pride. You carry the love of Creator within your heart and you are not afraid to share this love. 

Do not go backwards. The life lessons you had were all part of your soul journey. All of your lessons were given and learned so you could complete the karmic lessons. To complete them and let them go. There is no right or no wrong. Yes there was joy and sadness, some regret but do not judge them, you wanted to experience it all. You lived many lifetimes here, you came back time after time to bring love and light and healing to those who were here. As you know, it was not always the perfect time and many were not ready to accept the abilities you had or the truth you tried to share. This lifetime was different, the end of one and the rebirth of another. 

This birth is special. This birth has been long awaited. It is all as it is supposed to be. Yes some things happened that were not part of “ the plan “ but that is how it goes. There is no perfection and no right way, it just is. 
So Now we come to dance with you. To dance the dance of renewal and rebirth, to dance in this new time, the age of LOVE. Dear one you understand just a tiny bit of the love you feel. You cry when you feel our love. You FEEL. You feel so strongly that sometimes it takes you down. Not a bad thing for we want you to feel. We want to share the love of all that is. We want to share with you and with all. 

The heart is the driving force of the human body. The heart is the engine. The magnetic field of the human body begins at the heart and is amplified out from there. So few understand that. They think the brain is the driving force. The brain directs the body to function. The heart is the engine. So yes the work you do to free the heart from its cage- the walls that were built to protect it from harm. You will not need to protect it much longer, the energy will shift and the new energy will be the frequency of love. love is the frequency of the heart. 

Dear ones you and the souls there with you seek love, seek the love they remember from Creator and the Great Central Sun. The love that exists in that place you see in your mind’s eye. The Beach in your dreams. Yes there are houses made from crystal, you have heard of this place before. This place you come to recharge and rejuvenate. The great central sun holds the frequency of LOVE.  The love you seek because you remember it like a distant memory. You seek love in your incarnation now- you all seek love. Please know that love is always within the heart and is all around you. You ARE love. You do not need to seek it WITHOUT. You share your love, your heart with others but share, don’t take, its balance. No one needs to take from another it is shared with another and there is an eternal supply. 

You come to this place, this beach with the crystal houses to refresh your energy, to recharge after lifetimes or when you  need to “ charge your batteries” You can come here any time you wish. It will always be here for you and the others. You can bring others here or you can come alone. Remember when we show you in your mind’s eye and know this place. You can bring this energy into your healing sessions. The healing energy of the Great Central Sun and the healing energy of the waters of life. The Ocean of time, no time. The water too is has healing properties. All of this is here always for you to heal or you to access for the healing of others. 

Dear one we feel you, we know you spend so much time alone and at times feel lonely. You are never alone as you know but you long for those who are of like mind to share your time with. They will come- they are seeking the same. Many are caught in the wheel of time- this old energy that keeps them in a mental space of fear and lack or distracts them with the need to survive. Soon they will see that that was simply a construct created to distract them from their true purpose. Distraction is a powerful tool . You walk on the edge of time between these two eras. The end of one and the beginning of the next. You don’t know what to do or how to do it because you sense the change but you don’t have all the information to make a decision…

Let go of the need to control. You know this gets you into trouble. Relax, go within or come here to us and your guidance and let us help you. Do not get distracted by the drama. You know much of the drama is there to distract you from your work. Don’t try too hard, do what you are guided to do each day and let us help you. You will have much help from all over. Tune into your soul, seek the knowledge within, not without. yes you need to access the information from the books when your are writing because the ones who will read it need a now time reference but know the knowledge really comes from within. 

Go back to your art, your jewelry, your creations. Put the energy of the beach, the place you come to heal. Put the love, the joy, the connection to all that is in it…people will feel it. They will be drawn to it because they too long for a connection to source. They have forgotten us, they have forgotten that they are a part of creator and creation and they seek to find it again. You will help them access that memory, that spark of the divine, that spark of Creator. You see the vision in your  mind’s eye. Now just hold that energy and bring it down into your density. You will be able to create the community you seek. Everything you need is already there, you just need to bring it into your density. You do not need to make it happen- its not up to just you. so many seen and unseen are there to help you. allow, accept, receive. Your dreams are all coming true.Don’t fear, don’t block, just allow things to unfold as they are mean to.