Messages From The World of Spirit

Dear Children of Earth

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It is time to connect to Creator and remember our Starry Origin. To remember that we are in Ceremony every moment of every day we are here.   Stay in the frequency of LOVE, Hearts open and connected. We are Creator and Creation. Mitakuye Oyasin. We are ALL related. 

2-24-21 Message from The Star Grandmothers
Dear Children of Earth, you are really the Star Seeds of the Cosmos. You are the lights that shine so brightly for all to see. You may feel that there is more to you than the role you play in this present incarnation.  We say yes that is true. You are Star Seeds, souls who have come here to Earth at this time to be a witness to the birth of a new time, a new age, a new energy. Be patient this birth is imminent. 

You have danced your way through the Cosmos in so many forms, you have been the observers in so many lifetimes, simply watching things unfold. Some of you know what you came here to do – some are just waking up and looking for answers. Do not get too attached to this 3 D density. It is not your density, you are a child of the Universe. You carry a spark of Creator within. 

Find the knowledge you seek within not without. Still the mind, go within and ask the questions. The answers you seek within will have more truth than what is in your present reality. The age you live  in now is one of new beginnings. The energy of the Earth is shifting. Many are here for the birth, like a family awaits the birth of a child, we await the birth of a New Era. 

You all have the gift of telepathy. The gift of healing, of creating music, art or whatever medium you choose to access. Find what makes you happy and hone your craft. When you are mindful and see creativity as part of Creator and Creation you will realize that you can infuse all you do with love and light and healing energy. Do not fear your gifts, do not doubt your gifts, just practice. The Earth walk can be a challenge because the energy is more controlling than many of you are used to. Find your freedom in expression of energy and let it flow. 

Make your time of creativity a Ceremony. Create Sacred space with sage and cedar and music. Be in a calm and contemplative state, be mindful of your thoughts and actions. This is YOUR creation. Let the energy of love and joy flow into your creation.  Do not block the flow with fear, be patient and allow yourself time to express what you are feeling. Creativity allows you to let your energy flow free. It allows the energy to move and be your interpretation of the energy you are feeling. Energy is alive and let it be an expression of you and Creator/God. 

Dear Children of Earth many of you have forgotten the joy of creation. You got lost in the need to provide for your family or in simple survival. You were told to conform, to need more, you lost the childhood innocence, the joy in creativity. Give yourself time now to bring it back. Try new things, take a risk, learn to play again, learn to find joy in all you do. 

This is a new time. The frequency of love returns once again to planet Earth. This birth of a new time is for all of you to experience- step off the busy path and see what is happening around you. let go of the need to control and allow the energy to flow. 

We leave you now but we have so much to share in the future. We are the Grandmothers who dance through the Universal energies. We are the starry ones, the ones who watch the Children of Earth with pride. Remember your Starry Origin. Remember you are one with Creator and Creation, Universal family of light.