Messenger Saves 2020/21

April 2021

May be an image of text that says 'Volunteering to incarnate here on earth during this time of illusion, corruption, enslavement and mind control, to to help liberate humanity, IS literally the most gangster thino in the entire universe. You came because you knew you had what it takes. And for that, love you.'
Diana Rose
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Repost by Tone Mellard ❤️👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
“We are at a precipice.
A giant, multi-tined fork in the road of potential timeline splits.
It can be exhausting to experience, and behold.
We are literally seeing differing possible routes and futures that humanity may wind up on.
The tech / heavily genetically modified route, one of complete subservience and control. Regularly infiltrated with A.I. nanotech. The borg race.
The spiritual, heart centered path. The soul awakened Being which is aware of a much larger picture than this illusory realm and the manipulations being cast out from its shadow controllers.
This is a very important era in history. Ultimately we get to choose which potential type of being we become at the lower densities, which in turn are noticed and affect our upper dimensional aspects as well.
This is why your higher aspects are doing all they can to communicate with you. Through signs. Numbers. Dreams. Nature. Synchronicities. Things which stir your heart, and soul, deep within.
Pay careful attention. You ARE being communicated with. Because you are THAT important to the entirety of consciousness and the entirety of all of creation.
Even though it’s hard to remember fully in this realm, you come from realm of blinding, powerful light and energy.
You slowed down your vibration and intensity, to drop into a frequency highly in need of your assistance. This slower, denser realm tends to memory wipe most warriors upon entry.
But eventually the light within the center of your heart, that divine spark, begins to emerge and emanate forth from your center, reminding you what had been forgotten, and why you are here.
It starts as a distant whisper. A familiar deja vu. Then it becomes stronger, until it is a ROAR of the divine. A remembrance of your power. Your limitlessness potential. Your brilliant radiance.
You came here to remind the others which have forgotten. To awaken THEM to their souls potential.
To allow them a CHOICE as to which potential timeline they may access. As to what they may choose to become. Which path they might travel down.
You dropped into a most formidable realm to do so. All out of love.
THIS is just how brave, how powerful, how beautiful you are.
Thank you, fellow light warrior.” – Tone Mellard