Astrological Influences 2020 and beyond…..

Aluna Joy Yaxkin

11/28/20 · “Humanity has been brave to endeavor to take on a global dark night of the soul. The world, and its out of dated programs, are now standing on quicksand. This is a powerful time in which all mis-creations, denials, lies and abuses will all rise to the surface to be cleared. The old systems are crashing as expected, and the underbelly of the beast is now being revealed. The good in both sides, the bullies/oppressors and the victims/martyrs, will meet back in the center from which they came, from one source, bringing an end to the extreme polarization. Humanity will be set free.”“It may feel like the end , but this is a beginning. Those things, actions and deeds, that were once tolerated, can no longer be ignored. All those things that didn’t feel right, that we closed our eyes to because we didn’t know another way, are now over. As we become clearer to the world’s illusions, we stand up, we trigger others around us, and a new courage and audacity of what is right, is not only born, but put into action! The old shackles that have been around the Divine Feminine, the creative energy of the universe, have rusted and fallen off. The Great Mother is roaring her strength again in every woman, man and child. This is bringing back authentic truth, universal compassion, true caring, nurturing and support for all life. “ – The Star Elders(An prophetic echo from the Star Elders from 2 years ago)Apparently Facebook lost a few posts going back to September, so I am reposting them again. If you read them already, I apologize. We lost all your great comments. Here it is again with the original post date. Oct 26, 2020