Astrological Influences 2020 and beyond…..

Rainbow Mandala: an alchemy of Love, Light and Spirit in the New Earth

   This week is an Epic Gateway. ❤I feel a deep sense of nostalgia as I write this, a feeling and knowing that we have been working our way to this moment. We have been doing the work necessary for THIS exact experience that is December and now that we’ve made it the air is thick with a flurry of emotions ranging from sadness, joy, homesick, tired, exhausted, anxious, feeling out of it, tapping into many dimensions, no-feeling. I’m guided to write you Divine Starseeds to say, speak to all of yourselves that are calling you right now. Your past, present and future. What messages are you needing to hear right now? Everything is “speaking” right now as reality is within the beholder. This week will bring up MANY fears and revelations. When I was meditating it seemed like we were all going into the Hall Of Wisdom, the holding place we go when we transition and Talk to GOD. You will be in that space this week as your team gives you your new mission. This, I’m sensing is a deep honour. This present will be opened on the 21st. Your old templates are leaving your body and with this comes MASSIVE pain within your skeletal system and organs. I’ve been Witnessing massive release within the Kidneys, Large intestines, reproductive organs , joints are super sensitive/sore, spasms where energy is clearing the most which is probably the spine, back, knees, head. You may feel shaky, sick feeling, overwhelmed.Divine messages are entering Earths gravitational field and we are getting massively download with light that awakens our ancient wisdom. This week Is huge. I’m fasting this week to clear my vessel for what’s coming in, also resting and deep sleeping while I go through the metamorphosis. Listen to what your body needs! Blessed Dark Moon, Solar Eclipse, Gateway of the Great Conjunction. And, welcome back Starseeds. natoyahall.comGratitude to the artist