31 Years Ago Today

The Land

31 Years ago this weekend. I found The Land. (Memorial Day Weekend 1989)

I learned a lot here. This picture is the morning after we got 5 1/2 feet of snow. I did not get out for 2 1/2 months because I blew the clutch trying to drive out and my nearest neighbor went off the road in his skid trying to plow the road…

When you live in the middle of nowhere you have great neighbors. They had come by in the fall and told us how much food and wood to store. We had no running water( ground froze before we could get the pipe in) so we melted snow…it took a day melting it on the wood stove to get enough for a shower…

I had all my beads and jewelry supplies, books, plenty of food and a great set of snow shoes. I would wander off with the wolves and explore.

Odin as a puppy

The house is now boarded up because a bunch of kids broke all the windows and took an axe to the kitchen and most of the walls…It will be rebuilt in the future and we will take people out for Ceremony and to see the stars…

I learned a lot about emergency preparedness and wilderness survival. If I got hurt there was no one around to get me out…I felt alive out there, never afraid unless it was hunting season( when you see all the cans around the hunting blinds you get nervous because a drunk hunter is going to shoot at anything)

I had lots of animal friends and big Spirit protectors. I learned telepathy and knew if a predator was in the woods because the squirrels would sound a warning. I guess Spirit put me out there to learn how to connect to nature. I saw Comet Hyakutake right over head and Hale Bopp was just over the top of the mountain.

I hope you all have a chance to spend time in the woods if you want to. You probably don’t want to be that far away but it is magical. I will retire there one day…funny to think that at 26 I thought I had my life planned out. I have had many adventures and learned so much since then.

Please know you can change your life if you don’t like what you are doing. Your life does not end when your children grow up and no matter how old you are you have to turn up the music and dance <3