Clearing Prayers

Archon Clearing : Say it with a strong conviction.  

Divine Mother, Holy Father, Creator of All That Is, Through the authority vested in me by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness through the Power of the Holy Spirit,  I deliberately and consciously call forth to the energy and help from Saturn Command, The Celestials, The Elementals, AA Michael, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Master Jesus to enter ( a location, home or person ) and  We COMMAND and REMOVE ALL Archon energies and entities, both known and unknown. These  Archons can NOT break the Law of Freewill on Earth !  We PERMANENTLY ERADICATE ALL Archon energies and entities from EVER Coming Back !  NOW !!!! You No LONGER have ANY Dominion over This is a child of GOD  ( name or location )_______________ ,  and on Earth . BE GONE NOW ! Fado New !

( now say this Alpha Numeric,  Divine Equation )

  E A EQ  P E 999999999 KQZ1 to the Power of 88 P 44 A L E777 G B Q K Z L 0000000  1 0 Q1 Z4 K8 L7 8888 8888 Earth Energy of Free Will 7777777 S C    B G N 9  


So Be It and So It Has Been ACCEPTED !  We thank you Saturn Command, The Celestials, The Elementals, AA Michael, the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Master Jesus ( x3 ) Amen ( x3 ) Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth 3x. 

Work with the enclosed symbol ( and Holy Wood , Palo Santo ) by  placing yourself and whatever needs protection in the center of the symbol. Then draw it out with your right hand, having each circle within the next, counter clock wise and recite the mantra,  Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebayoth with each circle : Ties together all biorhythms of the body with the spiritual rhythms of the Oversoul body, so that all circulatory systems operate with ONE Cosmic Heartbeat—— This translates as “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts”. Archangel Metatron explained that the Kodoish expression is the greeting of the Brotherhoods of Light, setting in motion a resonance pattern that is so strong, only those who serve the Divine Plan of God/ Creator can return the greeting. In fact, negative forces cannot remain for long in the presence of the holy vibration. It can be used effectively as a Light protection around anything or anyone. You can also use this symbol over food, liquids, during healings and EVERYTHING. This symbol automatically and immediately raises the vibration of what ever it is used for to the 5th D. and Christ Consciousness vibration.  Called the Vesica Piscis symbol .

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