Words of the Grandmothers


“ Soul Birds of a feather flock together” Thank you Soul Family, Star Family, Ceremony Family for being here with me/us on Earth Today and every day. Riding the every increasing waves of LOVE and higher frequencies. Prayers for the Planet and all who dwell here sung or spoken daily. Knowing in our HEARTS that our reason for being here is far greater than we can even imagine. I thank you for your LOVE, your kind words, your laughter, your tears, your connection. Your TRUTH.Please know I am here for YOU as you are here for me. No one left behind on this crazy road of life. I Thank you, Wopila Tanka today and every day. May our HEARTS beat as one with the drum today and always….This song reminds me of all of you. Soul Birds of a feather hearing, seeing and feeling the messages from Spirit in songs, written word and in the synchronicities of dreams and the bread crumbs left on the road of life to help us find our TRUTH and understand our Soul Mission at this time. YOU ARE LOVE, YOU ARE LOVED, I LOVE YOU ❤

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