Words of the Grandmothers

June 8th 2020

We are a few weeks away from the end of our Ceremonial Year. How did you do? It’s process…daily or monthly or sometimes hourly…deep fears arise and we see them and process them and let them go…seems like so much of this year put us through the spin cycle…that’s good…that’s what we needed.

How much longer could we go through a Planetary deep sleep? Zombie people doing the same thing day after day never looking at the real picture. Yes many spoke out about the Environment and our food supply and the health care system but we never really looked at it until it was slammed into our consciousness.

So now what? Our eyes are open and we understand many levels of humanity that we may not have seen before. We see dark agendas and we see so many beautiful hearts that are still beating as one.

We are the ones we are waiting for…there is no outside force that will save us…its up to us…its why we are here…

So speak up…or sing out or draw or paint or write. Use your gifts to keep this going…it is our Great Awakening…Awakening from the dream…the illusion…add your personal energy to the wave…it is a wave and it is here to help us peel back those layers …painful or joyful so we can see with clarity and know what it is we came here to do…

So do it….with love, with joy, with determination…Thank You. I love you <3

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