Words of the Grandmothers


Our connection to God/Creator is a personal connection. In can be a deep Spiritual connection or it can be a prayer when really needed.

When did we disconnect from the interconectedness of all things? When did we step off that path of connection and close our hearts and our minds?

It could have been a life experience, a busy lifestyle, things we were told as a child…but it happened.

Awakening really is finding our way back to that Divine Connection with God/Creator and all that is…back to that connection and a reopening of our hearts and our minds.

LOVE plays a huge role in that. Opening our hearts..expressing emotion. Feeling…yes really feeling…

LOVE is a deep connection. When did we become so afraid to love? Fear, anxiety, endless questions running through our minds prevent us from really feeling, expressing and understanding that heart connection.

So does it really come down to a simple choice between LOVE and FEAR? And if so what do you choose?

I choose LOVE. I work every day to open my heart and be in a space of LOVE. I cannot connect to Creator in Prayer, to my Guidance in a healing session or to my child and my animals without being in a true heart space. The more I can open my heart, the deeper that connection is.

Spend a little time with your heart…think of a person or animal or place that makes you happy. Allow yourself to feel that love, that connection you have.

Our world will be a better place when we can step out of our busy minds, our running thoughts, our distractions and return to our hearts and the inteconnecedness of all things.

Ceremony time is here….Hearts open and connected…tune in, connect in and help us all create a space of LOVE each and every day.

I LOVE You ❤

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