Words of the Grandmothers


Leave it to Brother Bob Barnhill to crack all our hearts open on the first day of Sun Dance. I will miss your voice at the drum and I will miss your camp coffee…and miss the morning sweats.

So many of our Sun Dance family have journeyed on. I thank you for all the support you are giving us from the other side. Miss you Bob, miss you all…we will all be singing together into eternity…

Many have made their journey and many more have awakened. We must keep our hearts open and sing and pray and laugh and dream in our New Earth…it is time…it is now…

Wopila Tanka may all our hearts beat together as one always…..


Today is First day of Sun Dance. Summer.
Be mindful of your thoughts and actions.
Connect to the Tree.
Send LOVE to our Ceremonial Family, our Star Family.

Creator I ask that you send love light and healing energy from your heart to our hearts today.
Please watch over our Sun Dancers, our singers, our Elders, Our Sun Dance Chiefs, The Grandmothers, The children, all who are in Ceremony today.

We pray that we may live in Harmony. We pray that we may be healthy and know love. We pray that we may know we are all related and we are all here today and every day to birth a New Earth. That we may live as Sovereign beings with Free Will.

Creator please protect all those in the fire zones today. Please bring the rain to quench the fire. Calm the winds.

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