Words of the Grandmothers


It’s all about frequency…if you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry…raise your frequency. It can be as simple as putting on some good music and dancing around the house..push through the energies that drain you and bring in the frequency to shift it up and out….

Yesterday there was a post with a Grateful Dead video on it..I saved the post and played it last night..then went on to Dave Matthews, Nahko Bear and whatever videos came up.

The Grateful Dead video reminded me of when we were heading to California in the late 80’s and we would play our theme song…” California, Prophet on the burning shore..I ‘ll be knocking on that Golden Door. Like an Angel Standing in a shaft of light rising up to Paradise…”

We were there when Jerry was in a Coma and so many were lost…traveling around and waiting …trying to figure out what to do…It was An amazing time for us..new days, new adventures in a place we had never been before….

Now we are in a similar place…new days..new adventures and new beginnings…the old ways are slowly slipping away…people are looking at their lives and wanting to make a change…so what do you want to do differently? Take some time and work it into a plan..a possible future…

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start listening to what is within…your heart, your Guidance..we don’t get all the answers at once..we translate the words of Spirit into something we can understand but the translation is not always perfect and we may spend time trying to piece it all together…finding clarity in the words or symbols or feelings.

NO ONE has the entire picture…we all have a piece of the puzzle and sharing our dreams and visions and feelings with each other helps us all to get closer to the truth…step out of fear and into a place of Peace and receptivity to the Divine…

We are all in this together…we all came here to help make a difference, a positive change..shift up and out of the darkness…I thank you…I know its not easy and there are good days and bad days but together we can make more good days…so share, love, support and encourage friends and family..and new friends and family on their journey…

so much support from God/Creator and our Spiritual Support System…including those who have gone on before us …shift up your frequency and bring in a new day…

You are love, You are loved…I LOVE YOU. <3

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