Words of the Grandmothers


We all came here at this time to watch a rebirth of Earth but we each see things from a different perspective.

Some have no idea that anything is Happening.
Many know things are different but have no idea why and then there are those who awakened to the truth a long time ago and have been watching things unfold.

There is no right, no wrong it just is….
What is your intention at this time? How can the gifts you carry help others? How can you be in Service for others?

This is not a time to step back and watch…this is a time to step forward and take up your personal responsibility. This is time to take up your Global responsibility. Your Spiritual Responsibility.

We are infinite beings. We volunteered to be here to help birth a New Earth. We came help our Earth Mother shake off the chains of duality. We came to help humanity be released from the enslavement of 3D…
Most forgot why they came here, they are slowly awakening from the dream…from the veil of forgetfulness..into the reality that it is time to awaken and stand in their truth, their power and their Sacred responsibility to Earth.

This New Earth is all about Peace, Unity, Healing our Mother Earth as we heal ourselves…

Playing The role of Darkness in Duality has caused many to loose their way. Their hearts are closed. They are infected by Greed…Power..need to Control…

Pray that those closed and dark hearts may once again feel love, see that they have lost their way..played a role so long they forgot the truth…Do not hate, they are us..we all came from the same infinite spark of Creator…we just chose a different path…

Choose your way carefully, be grounded. Seek the truth..trust your Guidance…We are the ones we have been waiting for and its time to stand up..heal the past that holds you back and push your way forward…hold the light..hold fast to the vision for our future…no fear…inner strength…we will all be watching this beautiful transition together …<3 You are LOVE, you are LOVED. I LOVE you <3

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