Words of the Grandmothers


The Greatest Gifts we have as Human Beings are Free Will, Discernment. and of course the capacity to LOVE.

Fear takes us out of our bodies and disconnects us from Source/God/Creator.

It is important to reconnect your energy daily, ground, connect your HEART to Earth Mother.

Discern everything you are being told, especially by Media and Social Media..find your own truth. Be here, be present, breathe deeply, connect with your heart to Earth and others. step out of FEAR and take your power back.

You have an amazing ability to LOVE. You have all the answers within and when you connect to your Soul and Spiritual Guidance.

Stop looking for truth without…step out of the programming and really FEEL….no more fear, no more separation. find your Soul Family and connect…heart to heart, smile, laugh, that is why we are here….when we connect to soul family we amplify each others energy…its electric, its powerful, its MAGICAL.

I give thanks every day that I am here on this beautiful planet Earth. I give thanks every day that I can feel the sun on my face, hear the birds singing and feel a connection to all that is.

I give thanks every day for all of you. Thank you for being here NOW. Thank You for your LOVE and laughter and patience. I am honored to know you all and grateful for your gentle strength, your laughter, your love, your compassion and for being here no matter what.

We will soon walk into a New Year. Lets use our energy together to amplify LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING ENERGY for ALL.

Lets raise our vibrations and raise the frequency of the Planet with LOVE, song, prayer, laughter and remember who you are and why you are here…lets leave fear in 2020 and move into this new year with Hope and joy and laughter and LOVE.

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