Words of the Grandmothers


The Star People- you might call them ET’s or Aliens…will not be dropping by in their ships and landing because they have been observing us and have been listening to our MSM broadcasts and are very concerned…if you even scroll for a moment on Face Book you would think we are insane. I mean really insane.

Why would a highly evolved multidimesional being want to come here? We don’t even listen to our own Inner Guidance.

We have given money, and those who have a lot of it ,almost total control of our Planet and the People who live on it. When did we put money above humanity? Why are we allowing the people with the most money to make life or death decisions for us when they do not have any medical knowledge?

It’s time to look at every aspect of our lives. Are you happy? Do you feel empowered? How do you make decisions. When did we give our power away? And why?

I would think twice before I visited Planet Earth right now….we have not evolved into Universal Humanity…we have devolved into self righteous angry low frequency beings…Shame on us…our animals have more humanity than we do…

Just turn it all off for a moment and really think about who you are and how you want to be….really be…and make a choice to change for the better…before we devolve any further…Unity, Free Will, Sovereignty, Love…should be more important than money….

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