Words of the Grandmothers


It is important, now more than ever, to use Discernment with everything you read, hear and see. We have been bombarded with information and disinformation by people we trust or people we hold in esteem because they are famous. It is easy to find an “ influencer” to pop in with a sound bite or quick video or interview to “ tell the truth” about what is going on.

We have been programmed to think that what we are told is truth. Do you question what you read? Do you question what you are told in the media? Do you question what you see? Technology has advanced to the point that you really can’t be sure what you are looking at.

I know I post this often but i am not seeing people REALLY use their gift of Discernment on a daily basis….

Don’t follow the herd…make your own choices. Follow your own truth even if you are one of a few that does that. Be impeccable in your truth and in your ability to see through illusion.

We are living in an illusion. Now more than ever…we are being told that what we believe is false and that what we see on the media is truth…do some research…don’t rely on paid fact checkers to tell you what is true…

Connect to your inner Guidance before its too late…its not hard and we have so much help around us with our Spiritual Guidance. Why would you choose Google over a Spiritual Being that has been here lifetime after lifetime and has seen through the illusion and knows the truth…don’t leave it up to someone else..trust your Guidance..trust your vibes…

We do not need a Guru or a Great all knowing teacher or potentially false prophet to tell us how to think, hear and see…we are the one we have been looking for…when you tune inward all you seek will be brought into your life…believe in yourself and stand in truth…

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