Words of the Grandmothers

January 16th 2021

We are multidimensional Cosmic Beings…never forget who you ARE now and why you are here ❤️ Thank you for being here with us now ❤️❤️🌎🙏😎 We have a lot of LOVE to share ❤️❤️

January 17th 2021

Take time today to just be…breathe…connect to your heart, ground, get out of your head…release the fear and anxiety and remember who you are and why you are here…it can be that simple…stop trying so hard to be perfect in an imperfect world. ❤️

Lelie Carroll

January 2,2021


Alien…that word creates fear and separation. Media has created the fear and we gladly allowed the fear to creep into our minds and hearts. What is there to fear? We came from the stars. We are a Spark of Creator and Creation. We are stardust. We are Aliens to this world. Those who desire to control us through fear are now rolling out The Alien Agenda because nothing else has worked. They choose to bring fear back into our lives because fear takes us out of our bodies and makes us easier to control. It’s time to learn to feel. Feel energy. Read energy. To DISCERN what we are being told.

I read energy. I have all my life. It was my super power to survive in an angry world. It has been my survival skill in a world of lies and deception. I can feel the frequency of FEAR. I can feel the frequency of LOVE. I choose to live on the edge of town and surround myself with trees and animals because it is the frequency of LOVE. I thrive here. I know the frequency of the Star People. You must learn to raise your frequency to connect. They lower their frequency and we meet in the middle. Same with our Master Guides and Spirit helpers.We do this in Ceremony with proper protocol. We do this in healing sessions with proper protocol. It takes discipline. It’s not easy because you need to control your thoughts and release the fear.

There was a time in our past when Star people came here to offer assistance. The “Leadership” of our planet chose weapons over enlightenment. The choice allowed agreements to be made with Star people who had no respect for humanity. We fell into fear and darkness. Our Free Will was taken away and we lost our way as Spiritual Beings. That time is ending and we have the chance to live in Peace and bring our Free Will back. There are once again Star Beings who are here to help us/Mentor us to raise our frequency and communicate. They have advanced healing techniques and technology to help us and our planet.

Many are here now in Human form. So it’s time for us ALL to step out of FEAR and separation. It’s time for us to learn DISCERNMENT. To learn to feel and read energy. To practice proper PROTOCOL. To take a risk and feel. To crack open our hearts and take up our Sacred Responsibility. Stop allowing others to control you with FEAR. Find your superpower. Keep your thoughts in check. There are no ALIENS. We are all from the Stars. Don’t give your power away.Dont go into FEAR. Don’t let others control you. Go within and connect to your HEART. Your TRUTH and your INNER GUIDANCE. We have been waiting for this time, we’ve been awake for years, decades. We are here to help when you are ready. We are all here together. This time can be very confusing so seek out those who can help you find your truth. Ask for signs and synchronicity. Those master numbers, those coincidences, those magical moments are part of your awakening. Take back your power and walk forward on this new Timeline.

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