Words of the Grandmothers


I will once again type these words and then try to be silent for a while…this is YOUR journey, not mine. If one person reads this my work is done 🙂

My journey began a long time ago. I have always been psychic. I have always been sensitive to energy, especially anger and i was raised in an angry house. I have always had an easier time being with animals than humans. I like peace, I like quiet, and I woke up, really woke up to the truth of our reality over 25 years ago…..just live life one moment at a time…..

1. DISCERN everything…EVERYTHING you see, hear and read. If you don’t know what the word means ask or look it up.

2. Thoughts CREATE so say “ cancel” when your mind revs up with anxiety and run away thoughts. If you don’t say “ cancel” step aside and realize the hell or heaven you are living in is created by your own thoughts and intentions.

3. Stop being RIGHT. There is no right, there is no wrong…yes there are societal rules and laws to abide by but who made you RIGHT and others wrong now or ever?

4. Be cautious of information from other than your own INTERNAL guidance. Dates, times, events, are brought through or channeled through a personality and most of the time they are WRONG. Sometimes decades wrong…

5. STOP being AFRAID OF EVERYTHING. Fear is control and controlling. You are an infinite being having a human experience in a world ruled or run by those who are not infinite beings. You already have the upper hand.

6. You are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. You chose to be here at this time for a specific reason…if you don’t know…ask your Guidance to show you…or tell you or just wait and see….

7. Please remember to live, love, laugh and try not to take EVERYTHING so seriously. Laughter is so necessary to balance us…laugh till it hurts. Make others laugh…stop being so damn serious all the time…the people who really get it laugh a lot…

8. Be Kind, be respectful of others and if you can’t be kind or respectful on some level, just walk away…and read #3 again…

9.LOVE is the answer to every question. Choose LOVE not FEAR.

10. This lifetime is just a blip in time. If you could see your life, this is just one lifetime of many. Most of your really good friends are part of your SOUL FAMILY and you have been with them lifetime after lifetime to basically play a role in a theatrical production called a life.

You chose this life. You chose all of the lessons in this life and you chose to experience many things to LEARN yes LEARN and for Soul Evolution.

So be fair to yourself and understand you may not get a do over in the same exact way but you can choose to change your contract at any time and you can come back and reexperience things or go on to another planet, another life experience with or without the Soul Family you are here with now….this is not IT….so go learn about LOVE. Live life to the fullest and experience as much as you can as often as you can…and if people tell you you can’t ….walk away…it’s YOUR life not theirs….I LOVE YOU ❤

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