Healing Sessions /Distance Healing Sessions

House Blessing

Smudging, Blessing  and Energetic Clearing for your house, land and business.

Does the energy of your home need clearing and refreshing ? Do parts of your home make you feel uncomfortable ? Do you want to make your home or place of work a place of peace and relaxation ? Are you moving into a new home or commercial space ?

You could call me the energetic cleaning lady. 

Now is a great time to clear your house of negative energy and create a place of peace. It is also good to clear a new home or apartment of the energetic residue from previous residents

Do you or your children have trouble sleeping at night? Do you or your animals feel uncomfortable in certain parts of your home? I can also teach you how to clear your home so you can keep it clear. 

If you do not like Sage or cannot burn sage in your home we can use the appropriate essential oils and other tools to clear your home.

I charge $44.00  for a one hour session. You can book sessions at www.earthstarstore.com
The session includes an assessment of house, business or land and a private lesson for you to learn how to smudge and clear your home and your family. 
We use White sage, Palo Santo, Holy Water, Tobacco and other medicines. If you cannot burn sage etc. we can do an energetic clearing instead. 

 Private classes are also available for families and small groups. 

I want everyone to have the opportunity to have a clear, calm and peaceful reCall me at 970-599-2540 or email me at earthstarstore@gmail.com for appointments or other information. 
Please know I need you to be ready to maintain the energy after the clearing. If you don’t maintain the energy, negativity can return.

Lets us all bring peace to our homes, business and hearts.