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Emotion Code

Emotion Code is an amazing process that allows our subconscious mind to help us clear trapped emotions from our physical bodies.

Trapped emotions are balls of energy which can become trapped in our bodies and create dysfunction and potentially cause disease, pain, imbalance and blocks.Trapped emotions can be inherited from parents and can also be taken into our bodies as children and adults.

Empathetic individuals can take on emotions from others, especially as a child.  In the case of death of a loved one, divorce or a very emotional event in the life of a child or adult, trapped emotions can be used by the subconscious to create a heart wall or hidden heart wall. 

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The heart wall or hidden heart wall creates a protective shield around the heart. This shield protects the individual from hurt and pain but can ultimately cause the individual to be unable to give and receive love. There can be blocks to abundance, problems in connecting to others and may create serious pain and other health challenges. The Emotion Code process allows the clients to clear trapped emotions while naming the emotion and the time period when it occurred. 

We have seen clients clear childhood trauma and pain very quickly and effectively. The trapped emotion is cleared for good with only a few days of processing needed to completely let it go.

I have personally found a shift in my body, my thoughts and my mental process. I am happier, less affected by life events and feel more positive. I feel that I can give and receive love more easily and have seen positive change in my life.My son has been able to clear fears, doubts, negative emotions and blocks to his happiness.I highly recommend this process to everyone. 

Gregg Bradenand the” Heart Field”