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Emotional Clearing Cellular Release

Emotional Clearing/
Cellular Release 
The Cellular Release process is an easy way to release fear and negativity from the past, present and future you. According to Kari Chapman at Namaste Retreat Center:

 “Cellular Release from fear and negativity: Release ALL fear and negativity from the cells of your body. Clears all past and current life traumas, judgments, fears, doubts and unworthiness at the cellular level. Release and transmute ALL residues from the body, we need to be willing to release ALL those things and only those things which no longer serve our highest good, to make room for more love, light and healing. This process is a must ( my opinion ) for anyone who is truly ready to release at the cellular level ALL those things which are no longer to your highest good, we all need to do this eventually !  Nothing new can arrive if there isn’t room for it.  Why not do it CONSCIOUSLY and GRACEFULLY ? “
 The Cellular Release Process takes about an hour and includes a Chakra Connection. 

What is holding you back ? Many have been able to start businesses, release unhealthy relationships, heal wounds, clear Karma and so much more…
You can also use this process on animals.We have personally worked with dogs and horses with great success. 

Animals tend to take on our stuff and Cellular Release allows them to be free . They will literally shake it off after the session. 
 Cost $44
Includes Hara/Chakra Repair and Balance
You can book an appointment at www.earthstarstore.com