Betar Coil With Ring

Infinite potentials and possibilities exist

This tool creates a golden fountain of light, with multicolored specks of possibilities throughout.

While based on the Wisdom Ring energetics, together with a bifilar coil, this Ring/Coil combo creates a field unlike anything we have seen before.
It is our understanding that the Soul carries infinite potentials and possibilities for each human, as seen in these multicolored packets of Light emitting from the field of this new tool. It brings through infinite possibilities for each individual, as it is their Soul’s Light cocreating within this field.

This little coiled device is from our friends at Kelly Research Technologies. 

The Betar Coil is a double spiral coiled circuit of gold on copper, which creates a double-helix flow of energy. It is known as a bifilar antenna, as first created by Tesla. With the Betar Coil and Tensor Ring combination, the two create a fountain of golden sparkly energy which flows out both sides of the disc.

The plastic housing is just over 2-3/4″ (7 cm) in diameter, and just under 3/8″ (9 mm) thick.  The light-gauged Tensor Ring is approximately 2-3/4″ in diameter, and is our least expensive Tensor Ring to date!  The Ring can be used just like any other Tensor Ring, and contains the newest energetics here at Twistedsage Studios.

I see the energy as a flow of golden-light with speckles of higher-potentials, in the shape of a fountain of light about 18 inches tall. When you put your awareness on the field, it expands double in size.  Our awareness has a way of amplifying the fields of all the tools.  The same energy flow comes out of both sides of the Disc. 


The Betar Coil w/Ring can be utilized as any Tensor Ring can:
energizing food, water, supplements, people, pets, plants, and things. EMF mitigation and dense energy transformation. There is a different quality of energy at play with this combination of tools. Which is the infinite potentials and possibilities present in the field.

Using Essential Oils as an example… A Tensor Ring by itself will bring the oil to a higher spin rate. If using the Wisdom or Alchemist Rings, the consciousness of the specific plant would embody the essential oil more. But with the Disc, the plant brings even more of its highest potentials through, while working with you and your soul’s highest potentials together. This creates potential outcomes of using this essential oil that are beyond what could be co-created without this field. It is stepping up all potentials and possibilities infinitely. This is beyond amazing!!

While Tensor Rings can create healing elixirs out of water, the Betar Coil w/Ring changes the water structure as it brings multiple possibilities to the water, which you then ingest.  As this high vibration, light-infused, structured water, travels through the body, it brings with it the packets of information and potentials to every place that is needed in the body.  Healing, clearing, adjusting, alchemizing, activating, harmonizing and so much more is available through your food, supplements, and ingest-able liquids.  And all occurs within seconds to minutes of sitting on the Disc!

The reason we first chose to offer this item to our customers, is for those who would like to have a pocket dowsing tool that is beneficial to carry with you!  And with the finalization of this field, we are in awe.  The fully anchored energetics were brought in on October 25th, 2022.


In the Radionic world, Radionic practitioners use what they call a stick plate.  A stick plate is a dowsing tool to find answers to your questions.  You use your fingers on an acrylic box which is connected to the Radionic machine, and make small circles as you ask your question.  When your finger sticks to the plate, then you have your yes.  When your finger does not stick, it is a no.

The same applies to using the Betar Coil w/Ring. 

Simply hold the disc in your hand and use your thumb to make small circles on the surface of the container.  When your thumb sticks to the surface, then you have your yes!! 

Of course, always take the three breaths to go into the heart space before dowsing or asking any questions, to ensure you are getting true answers of a higher alignment, and not the answers you want to hear or that were influenced by emotions, thoughts, programs, and beliefs.   Most all of our videos and webinars start with the Trinity Breath to help move you into the Sacred Space of the Heart.

Radionics Application

The Betar Coil w/Ring is the basis for a simple Radionic broadcasting instrument! Simply top off the Betar Coil w/Ring with a Tensor Field Generator, a witness, and reagent!.  This creates a simple Radionic transmitting device!  More to come on this set-up soon!! 

For any reagent needs, we highly recommend our friend, Marty Lucas, at Every Advantage.  Marty is one of our peers in subtle energy and consciousness research, and a great personal friend.  Just as Ed Kelly at KRT Radionics, Marty is a master in his field. Please check out Marty’s website for some deeper explanations on subtle energy and for Radionic consultations.

Betar Coils

The Betar Coils were originally designed for Focused VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy, where the Betar Coils are used with speakers placed under a practitioner’s table to focus the vibratory energy on specific chakras and energy centers.  More about this modality can be found at  Ed Kelly’s family business, Kelly Research Technologies, can be found at