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Covid Virus does two things: Creates an exaggerated inflammatory response, causing damage to critical organs. In its most serious form, this is called cytokine storm. 

An exaggerated blood-clotting response, leading to multiple blood clots (thrombi) in the lungs, brain, kidneys, intestines and other critical organs. These blood clots in COVID can occur in both veins and arteries, which is unusual and potentially life-threatening if not treated rapidly.

this is a very interesting article but it is still pro vax….

this one too says unvaxxed at high risk….

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The following paragraph was on a FB post..want to look up a few things from it….

“Hey Vaxxers. Did you know the Mrna Jabs have Graphene Oxide in them. A know neurotoxin. 4000x stronger than titanium and capable of being electro magnetically charged?You will in 2 weeks when Pfizer has to show alll ingredients. No more secrets allowed after FDA approval. Wake up vaxxers… this is not a vaccine. Not an attenuated virus. And does nothing but harm the cardiovascular system with Billions of spike proteinsWhile causing Anibody specific enhancement. This literally alllows viruses to enter the cells and destroy them. Causing the COVID like symptoms seen by millions taking the jabs it might be a good time to cut out the memes and look at the ingredients and injury reports from VAERS and other intl agencies sounding the alarm bells.” jab for me and informed consent information

From No Jab For Me: For the VACCINATED or Covid-infected there is now a ray of hope. A remedy has been discovered involving dandelions. Dandelion leaf extract. Dr T 8 ways jab can kill you.

Chlorine Dioxide link: MMS Guidebook!:d